Vacuum pump and system in chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Is it difficult for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to choose a suitable vacuum system?

A solution is not applicable to all enterprises. Different products, different production processes, different working conditions, and all the parameters in the entire processing process are very important. Different companies have their own differences. We want to customize the vacuum system to meet customer’s needs. This is the solution we want.

Vacuum pump and system in chemical and pharmaceutical industry

In recent years, the level of production technology in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry has been continuously improved and upgraded, and it is not easy to select a suitable vacuum system for chemical and pharmaceutical companies. First of all, it is necessary to meet the pump capacity under the working pressure to ensure the vacuum time. If necessary, meet the requirements of cleaning and gas recovery. Another important point is that stability and economy must coexist.

Dry screw vacuum pumps are widely used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, with novel technology and high work efficiency. From the structure perspective of the screw vacuum pump, the corrosion-resistant dry screw vacuum pump is equipped with a variable pitch screw, which will compress the process gas along the entire screw length. Its advantage is to ensure the same temperature in the entire compression chamber, which avoids excessive heat compared to the previous generation of uniform pitch screws. The dry screw vacuum pump adopts water cooling to ensure uniform temperature in the entire pump body, thereby ensuring thermal stability during the entire processing process. The condensation of the process gas is basically eliminated. This prevents the process gas from causing pollution or reaction with the working fluid after being transferred by the vacuum pump.

The cast iron material is suitable for all parts in contact with the pumped medium. It is not treated or treated with a special coating and can withstand chemicals. At the end of the processing, use a suitable cleaning fluid to flush the vacuum pump, and then clean it with nitrogen to avoid corrosion and deposition when it is still.

For example:

The dry screw vacuum pump + roots vacuum pump unit was successfully installed and debugged!

In a reciprocating pump renovation project, a chemical company chose EVP’s dry screw vacuum pump + Roots vacuum pump unit, equipped with an explosion-proof vacuum pump control cabinet and a vacuum pump control system. Its working conditions are relatively poor and corrosive, and the requirements for corrosion resistance of the vacuum pump system are relatively high. It must meet the pumping capacity while achieving a very high vacuum degree. The most important thing is the corrosion-resistant vacuum pump system. EVP designed and customized corrosion-resistant dry screw vacuum pump + Roots vacuum pump unit for this company. This system is recognized by customers. Engineers installed and debugged the equipment on site. At present, the unit has been officially put into production, and the whole unit is operating stably.

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