Steel bellows of eight advantages?

Do you know the eight advantages of steel bellows?

The steel bellows has excellent road performance, especially low requirements for the foundation, simple construction and rapid installation. The steel corrugated pipe will play an active role in the new reconstruction project and subgrade maintenance project.

As a flexible structure, steel corrugated pipe can better adapt to the uneven settlement of foundation soil. The corrugation on the axis of steel bellows greatly increases the section moment of inertia and improves the bearing capacity. Because the surrounding soil can bear the force together with the steel corrugated bone, the concentrated stress of the load can be dispersed to a greater extent.

Steel bellows of eight advantages?
Steel bellows size

Steel bellows is a high-quality highway building material instead of round pipe, cover plate, arch and small bridge. Steel corrugated pipe has the characteristics of short construction period, light weight, convenient installation, good durability, low engineering cost, strong anti deformation ability and reducing maintenance cost after opening to traffic. The steel corrugated pipe is especially used in high cold frozen soil area and soft soil subgrade area, which has obvious economic benefits.

The advantages of steel bellows are as follows:

1. It has strong adaptability to the deformation of the foundation, and has lower requirements for bearing capacity and flatness of the foundation. The actual cost of the project is similar or lower than that of bridges and tunnels of the same span.

2. Short construction period is the most obvious advantage, civil engineering and pipe joint installation can be implemented separately, and then the overall assembly.

3. Centralized production of the factory, production is not affected by the environment, which is beneficial to reduce costs and control quality. It is easy to install on site without using large equipment.

4. To solve the northern cold area (Frost) damage to the bridge and pipe alkali structure.

5. Reducing or abandoning the use of conventional building materials, such as cement, yellow sand, stone and wood, has far-reaching environmental significance.

6. The structure has reasonable stress condition, uniform load distribution and certain anti deformation ability.

7. Using standardized design, the production and design are simple, and the production cycle is short.

8. It is beneficial to improve the “staggered platform” phenomenon at the junction of soft soil foundation structure and embankment, improve the comfort and safety of driving, and reduce the operation and maintenance costs after construction.

To sum up, steel corrugated pipe with its special structural form and excellent mechanical properties is obviously better than reinforced concrete in construction speed, economy and scope of application. It is an advanced, reasonable, safe and reliable hole form, and has a very wide application prospect in highway construction.

Steel bellows

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