Claw vacuum pump application

Claw rotor dry mechanical vacuum pump (hereinafter referred to as claw pump) has two claw rotors in the pump shell. Similar to roots vacuum pump, the rotor is driven by a pair of synchronous high-precision gears and fixed phase. The profile of the rotor is composed of six sections of cycloid and circular arc. There is no contact between the rotors or between the rotors and the pump casing, leaving a small gap. The inlet and outlet of the gas are located on the end face of the pump shell, which are periodically opened and closed by two rotor ends, which have the function of valve regulation.

Claw vacuum pump application

Claw vacuum pump application industry:

Petrochemical Industry: crystallization, distillation, distillation, distillation, polymerization, vacuum evaporation, vacuum drying, negative pressure concentration, oil and gas recovery, adsorption / desorption, biofuel, flammable gas, corrosive gas, chemical reaction absorption, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: crystallization, distillation, sublimation, drying, deodorization, polymerization, vacuum evaporation, negative pressure filtration, monomer recovery, adsorption / desorption, material transportation corrosion, corrosive media, ethylene oxide, etc.

Food industry: claw vacuum pump sublimation, drying, dehydration, vacuum evaporation, vacuum preservation, vacuum packaging, etc.

Research institutes: rotary distillation, distillation, distillation, polymerization, negative pressure filtration, vacuum drying, pilot plant, wind tunnel test, vacuum environment simulation, etc.

Electronic photovoltaic: impregnation, vacuum coating, ion etching, molecular beam epitaxy, etc.

Aerospace: brazing, vacuum coating, electron beam welding, wind tunnel test, space environment simulation, etc.

Metallurgy industry: claw vacuum pump impregnation, extrusion, vacuum coating, ion etching, mud degassing, molten steel degassing, molecular beam epitaxy, etc.

Other industries: central air conditioning, indoor vacuum, sewage treatment, lithium battery manufacturing, etc.

Claw vacuum pump application industry

Claw type vacuum pump has the characteristics of simple design, durability and high efficiency, and has the ability of sewage discharge, which is a wise choice to meet the application requirements. The new dry claw pump can meet your specific standards and quality requirements, providing you with a safe and affordable solution.

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