Mexico Roots Piston Vacuum System

Mexico Root Piston Vacuum System is a commonly used mechanical equipment in industry. It is a variable displacement vacuum pump. Root piston vacuum system is widely used in chemical industry, food sublimation drying, high altitude simulation experiment and so on because of its advantages.

Mexico Root Piston Vacuum System is a mechanical vacuum pump which uses a pair of high-speed rotating double-blade rotors (i.e. “S” type, straw shoes type) to extract gas. Its structure and working principle are similar to Roots blower. Because the gap between the pump rotor and the cavity is often small (0.1-0.15mm), which ensures a larger pumping speed between 10-1-10-2 gum. This just makes up for the defect that the pumping speed of oil seal mechanical pump and oil diffusion pump is very small in this pressure range. It plays a role of boosting in vacuum system, so it is also called mechanical booster pump.

Under high pressure, the average free path of the gas molecule is smaller than the width of the gap (< 0.1-0.15mm), and the gap has relatively large conductivity. It is easy for a large amount of gas to flow back into the pumped container through the gap, which makes the pump unable to work effectively. On the contrary, under low pressure. When the average free path of gas molecule increases, the conductivity of slot slot decreases greatly, that is, the resistance of gas leakage through small slot increases, which makes the pump work effectively and achieves a higher compression ratio, i.e. a higher vacuum.


Therefore, the root piston vacuum system can not directly discharge the exhausted gas to the atmosphere, so it must be equipped with a front-stage vacuum pump, so that the exhaust end of Roots pump causes a certain pre-vacuum, otherwise it can not obtain a higher vacuum. And the rotor will be stuck or even damaged due to overload and overheating.

According to the purpose of the pumping system, the front-stage pumps needed for Mexico root piston vacuum system can be selected from atmospheric pressure, such as air pumps for oil seal machinery, water ring vacuum pumps and water ring vacuum pumps with atmospheric ejectors. The size of the front-stage pump, according to the conditions of use and the pumping characteristics of the front-stage pump, it is generally appropriate to choose Roots pump pumping speed of 1/10-1/2. When the pump is running continuously under high pressure, the front pump with large pumping speed should be selected. When the pump works under high vacuum, the front pump with small pumping speed should be selected. For oil seal mechanical vacuum pump, the pumping speed is only 1/4-1/10 of Roots vacuum pump’s pumping speed, but when water ring vacuum pump is selected, its gas volume should be 1/2^-1/3 of Roots pump. In addition, when small Roots pump is used between Roots pump and front pump, its pumping speed is 1/2.5-1/5 of large Roots pump.

Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the piston vacuum system, the parameters of the above contents must be clear, which helps to observe whether the piston vacuum system exceeds the limit value in operation and use. Once it exceeds, the unit can also be found and stopped in time, so as to reduce the damage to the unit.

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