Roots blower soundproof cover customization

Roots blower noise elimination method, better, is also a common method is to install sound insulation cover, sound insulation cover can effectively reduce noise, blower to undertake the customization of sound insulation cover.

Roots blower soundproof cover customization

If the Roots blower you use has noise pollution, you can contact us for the customization of sound insulation cover. You need to provide the dimension parameters of the blower or the drawing, we can customize it for you.

How to correctly select roots blower noise enclosure?

Normally, the size of the sound insulation cover should be configured according to the motor model size. The specific size of the sound insulation cover should be customized according to the approximate size of roots blower, with a certain production cycle. Users with procurement needs should arrange procurement according to their actual working conditions, so as not to affect the progress of the project.

In addition, the appropriate material and shape are selected for the sound shield. The mask surface should be made of materials with sound insulation ability. The shape of the mask surface should be curved and its rigidity should be large. Meanwhile, sound insulation should also be used. The equipment of sound insulation cover should be kept at a certain distance. The wall of the cover should be light and light, and the layered composite structure should be chosen. All welds in the acoustic enclosure shall avoid sound leakage, parts in contact with the ground shall be closed, and appropriate vibration mitigation measures shall be in place between the machine and the enclosure and between the ground or the frame. The surface should also be sound-absorbing, with a porous or fibrous material, and not too small a sound absorption coefficient.

In addition, the housing of sound insulation cover shall be made of steel plate or aluminum plate. In the design of the housing, there is a standard that it is easy to install and repair, it can also be made into a detachable assembly structure, and some requirements such as ventilation and heat dissipation of sound source equipment shall also be considered.

Above is the blower manufacturer introduced the selection of fan noise enclosure matters needing attention, hope to help you, if you still have relevant knowledge to understand, you can come to consult us, we will have a professional to answer for you.

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