Piston Vacuum Pump application

Piston Vacuum Pump is a vacuum unit composed of ordinary roots pump as the main pump and piston vacuum pump as the front pump in series. By means of vacuum relay or electric contact pressure gauge, the automatic opening and closing of roots pump slide valve pump and automatic overload protection are realized.

The whole unit is installed on a rack, equipped with pipes, valves, electrical operation control box, cooling water pipe system. The unit is compact and easy to use.

Piston Vacuum Pump is a kind of variable capacity gas transmission pump as well as rotary vane pump, but compared with 2X rotary vane vacuum pump, the durability is several times higher. Its scope and conditions of use are basically the same as those of rotary vane pumps.

Because the rotary mass of the piston vacuum pump has greater eccentricity, if the sliding valve does not have a good mass balance, it will produce greater vibration in operation. But the locus of the pump rotating center of mass is a closed curve with complex shape, so it is difficult for a small factory to realize the complete balance of the inertia force of the slide valve pump. The quality balance of slide valve can be achieved through dynamic balance test and double cylinder or three cylinder structure.

Double stage piston vacuum pump

Piston Vacuum Pump

Piston Vacuum Pump application range:

Piston Vacuum Pump has remarkable energy-saving effect, high vacuum degree, high vacuum interval pumping capacity, can be widely used in power industry transformer, wire and cable, Capacitor Vacuum impregnation, vacuum drying process.

It is an ideal vacuum equipment for vacuum coating, vacuum smelting, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum oil filtration, freeze drying, and aviation simulation test.

For example, if a small amount of water vapor or a small amount of dust is aspirated, a filter device should be installed.


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