What does the vacuum pump do?

Vacuum pump price or the price of the merchants, after all, the price of different merchants is necessarily different, take mechanical and electrical, its equipment is with high cost performance, and the quality is very good, a lot of people who have bought are full of praise, therefore, you can buy to identify mechanical and electrical.

Vacuum chestnut is used in refrigeration system to remove air and water. When installing and repairing the refrigeration system, there will be a certain amount of air into the refrigeration system, and there will be a certain amount of water vapor in the air, which will make the expansion valve of the refrigeration system ice blocked, increase the condensation pressure, and corrosion of system components. Therefore, after checking the refrigeration system, the refrigeration system should be vacuumized before adding refrigerant. However, whether the vacuum is completely removed or not will affect the normal operation of the system. Vacuuming does not take water out of the system. Instead, it lowers the boiling point of water, which boils at a lower temperature and is extracted from the system as steam.

Vacuum pump smoke how to do?

Smoke, if the vacuum pump just began to operate smoke phenomenon, is normal, if a long time in smoke is abnormal. Solution: smoke indicates that the outside of the vacuum pump inlet, including pipes, valves and containers have been repaired. After leak detection, the smoke will be over. Vortex flowmeter. Oil injection, indicating that there are a lot of leakage points outside the inlet, or even the air intake exposed to the atmosphere. Solution: seal the vacuum pump inlet to make the vacuum pump run, if you do not spray oil, indicating a leak; The exhaust valve plate is damaged. Check whether the exhaust valve plate is damaged and replace the broken exhaust valve.

Vacuum pump due to casting, processing defects, internal stress and overload operation and other reasons often lead to cracks or fracture parts. Conventional repair method is to use welding, but some parts are made of cast iron, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, difficult to do welding processing. There are also some dangerous situations prone to explosion, more difficult to use welding repair method. Meijiahua technology is a kind of “cold welding” technology, which can avoid thermal stress deformation, at the same time, the material has good adhesion, compression resistance, corrosion resistance and other comprehensive performance, can meet the use of various equipment components to the maximum extent, so as to effectively ensure the production at the lowest cost. Safe, convenient and reliable.

What does the vacuum pump do

What does the vacuum pump do?


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