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Vacuum pump and air compressor differences between ?

Air compressor working principle

After the driving machine is started, it drives the crankshaft of the compressor to rotate through the triangular belt, and the piston is converted into reciprocating motion in the cylinder through the crank rod mechanism. When the piston moves from the cover side to the shaft, the volume of the cylinder increases, the pressure in the cylinder is lower than the atmospheric pressure, and the outside air enters the cylinder through the filter and the suction valve; when it reaches the bottom dead center, the piston moves from the shaft side to the cover side, the suction valve closes, the volume of the cylinder decreases gradually, the air in the cylinder is compressed, and the pressure increases. When the pressure reaches a certain value, the exhaust valve is opened, and the compressed air flows through the pipe The road enters into the air tank, so the compressor works repeatedly, continuously delivers compressed air to the air tank, gradually increases the pressure in the tank, so as to obtain the required compressed air.

Relevant people said that the selection of air compressor is mainly based on the working pressure and flow of pneumatic system. The working pressure of the air supply should be about 20% higher than the highest working pressure in the pneumatic system, because the along way loss and local loss of the air supply pipeline should be considered. If the working pressure in some parts of the system is low, the pressure reducing valve can be used to supply air.

Vacuum pump use and precautions

The vacuum pump is mainly used in the following aspects in the inspection room:

A. The vacuum drying pump is connected with the drying box, and the sample can remove the moisture and the high boiling point impurity which is difficult to volatilize under the lower temperature in the vacuum drying box. To avoid decomposition of the sample at high temperature.

B. Vacuum distillation, that is, vacuum distillation of gold, can reduce the boiling point of materials and make them distillation at a lower temperature. It is suitable for distillation of organic matter which is easy to decompose under high temperature.

C. Vacuum filtration can speed up the filtration of special materials that are difficult to filter.

Others can also be used for tests requiring vacuum pumping.

Vacuum Pumps & Compressors

Vacuum Pumps & Compressors

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