Oil free vacuum pump in petrochemical industry

Petrochemical industry is a basic industry. It provides supporting services for agriculture, energy, transportation, machinery, electronics, textile, light industry, construction, building materials and other industries and people’s daily life, and plays an important role in the national economy. Oil vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump and jet vacuum pump are commonly used in oil refining and petrochemical production. This paper mainly introduces the application of lower oil-free vacuum pump in petrochemical industry and the advantages of oil-free vacuum pump.

Oil free vacuum pump has the advantages of reasonable internal and external structure, proper selection of materials, good dynamic balance performance, small vibration, low noise, good sealing performance and long service life of vulnerable parts. In addition, there is no oil lubrication in the cavity of the vacuum pump, no waste water or waste gas is generated, so a clean vacuum can be obtained. The reaction medium in the chemical reaction of the chemical equipment will not change its nature due to the discharge of the vacuum pump, so it is conducive to the clean recovery of the tail gas.

Vacuum pump is a kind of conveying machinery which draws air from negative pressure and exhausts air under atmospheric pressure. Its purpose is to create and maintain the vacuum required by the process system.

Oil free vacuum pump features:

1. It can operate without any working medium (oil-free) and produce no pollution. At the same time, the gas exchange bin of this machine is equipped with filter materials, so as to ensure the clean air effect.

2. Adopt new technology and new materials, compact and reasonable structure, small volume, light weight, convenient movement, stable operation, high vacuum degree and low noise, which can ensure ideal vacuum effect or high flow air flow.

3. The film body in non friction state is used for movement, without heat generation and friction loss. The film is made of fluoro rubber, corrosion-resistant and long service life.

4. With self cooling exhaust system, it can operate continuously for 24 hours.

5. The pressure adjustable design can meet the needs of different suction and filtration pressures within a certain range.

6. The bottom of the pump body is fixed with 4 suction cups to ensure the stable placement of the pump; there is a handle on the top for portable movement.


Oil free vacuum pump in petrochemical industry:

1. Gas recovery: in the field of oil and natural gas industry, gas is discharged to the atmosphere. Whether upstream production or downstream refining, gas recovery is the process of recovering hydrocarbon gas from storage tank. Gas recovery can be realized by removing vacuum and compressing gas from storage tank. Through the use of dry pump, can be recovered, liquefied, and then the use of ethane gas.

2. Gas recovery: gas recovery mainly refers to the gas recovery in the refining sewage system or production. Because of its composition, this gas is usually considered as waste gas, but it can be recovered after separation. The method is to use the vacuum pump to deliver it to the pipeline compressor, compress it and then deliver it to the power generation equipment for treatment, and can be used for joint power generation. This is not only beneficial to environmental protection, but also can produce new benefits.

3. Gas boosting and enhanced oil recovery: gas boosting and enhanced oil recovery is an upstream process, including eliminating vacuum in oil wells to relieve oil well pressure, make oil flow more freely and improve oil production. It also includes incidental gas recovery.

4. Crude oil stabilization: the crude oil can be stabilized by using vacuum pump or compressor to discharge dissolved gas and stabilize the actual steam pressure.


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