Vacuum pump application in vacuum degassing

We provide vacuum solutions for all degassing processes. Customers can rely on our quality products and decades of experience in degassing. We provide a wide range of vacuum pumps for degassing applications in food production, which can be optimized for any process and meet the highest hygienic standards.

1. degassing of paste and wet material:

The food industry can use vacuum degassing to remove air from products such as pasta, tomato paste, fish sauce, sauce, mayonnaise, mustard and jam. The degassing process is usually carried out before packaging and can be integrated into agitator, drum, extruder or evaporator production lines. The vacuum degassing process removes the oxygen in the finished product and prolongs the storage time. In addition, the product structure and consistency can be improved, especially pasta products. The process is quick and energy saving, and basically needs no maintenance. Screw vacuum pump running without water or oil, eliminating the possibility of product contamination, is the best choice.

dry vacuum pumps

LG Series Screw Vacuum Pump

2. plastic degassing:

Plastic extrusion is a common process in plastics industry. Its purpose is to melt and mix plastics and make them even. First, pellets, powders or beads are transported through the screw in the heating drum. The plastic then melts into a viscous liquid under the action of friction and heat, then presses into a mold and finally forms. Vacuum must be applied before plastics are molded to remove bubbles, which can cause cavitation or other defects in the finished product. We provide a series of vacuum systems for degassing of plastic extruders. Our project engineer will choose the right type according to your specific application, material and production capacity.

3. seawater degassing:

Secondary recovery by water injection is the main feature of crude oil production and the key factor to achieve and maintain productivity on the premise of economic feasibility. The water used here must be degassed to remove the oxygen, which has an adverse effect on the desulfurization system. Nowadays, vacuum degassing has become the most common method in the oil and natural gas industry: packed towers are constantly cleaned through vacuum systems to remove oxygen and other gases. Two stage mass transfer packing is usually adopted.

4. degassing of mineral water:

Mineral water and other beverage producers need precise quantities of dissolved carbon dioxide in their products, but the amount of carbon dioxide in the source water may vary. To solve this problem, a multi-channel process is needed: firstly, the carbon dioxide in the source water is removed by vacuum degassing system, then cooled and dissolved, and finally, the carbon dioxide is added to the finished product again in the bottling stage. This ensures the consistency of product quality. Screw vacuum pump runs without water and oil, eliminating the possibility of product contamination, so it is an ideal choice for mineral water and other beverage degassing system.


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