High-frequency liquid ring vacuum pump

High frequency discharge in vacuum pumps knowledge

The application of vacuum pump, people already very well understood, then, do you understand? It will also appear in the operation of the whole process of high-frequency discharge, refers to the charge and discharge switching power supply frequency in 1 MHZ or so of the steam charge and discharge state, which is very harmful to the normal operation of the pump equipment, so, people must have a certain grasp. A detailed introduction of high frequency discharge expertise is given below.

When the output power of the vacuum pump is low, the vibration amplitude of the harmonic vibration is much higher than the distance between the two sides, the electronic device in each half of the cycle after the collapse, charge and discharge, out of the process, this time the charge and discharge state and dc state. When the frequency is high, the vibration amplitude of the harmonic vibration is far lower than the distance between the two sides, because the electronic device keeps going back and forth to the fitness, its weak electrolyte working ability will be greatly improved. Because the amplitude of harmonic vibration of electronic devices is not large, the total number of electronic devices entering the electrical level will be greatly reduced. In that way, the electronic devices that ensure that the vapor in the vacuum pump is equipped with charge and discharge will be produced not by the secondary electrons caused by the electrical level, but by the electronic devices back and forth from the fitness exercise by the weak electrolyte caused by the electronic devices to produce. At this time, although it is also a small amount of positive ions, photons beauty negative electron level caused by secondary electrons, but because the optical rotation of the two levels continue to produce changes, the secondary electron vibration azimuth is sometimes the same as the electron flow into the electrical level, sometimes the other way around. Therefore, it is not beneficial to ensure the construction standard.

This type of high frequency vacuum pump discharge, if there is a high frequency electrostatic field can be produced, not necessarily to the electrical level, so commonly known as stepless charge and discharge. Stepless charge and discharge can be generated not only under alternating electrostatic field but also under alternating electromagnetic field. Because the alternating electromagnetic field can cause the disturbance of the electrostatic field, the electronic devices in the vapor caused by the residual weak electrolyte accelerate around the magnetic induction line under the effect of the vortex electric field, resulting in many weak electrolytes. When the magnetic field is oriented along the center line of the discharge tube, the eddy electric field will gradually weaken along the semi-meridional direction, and the weak electrolyte working ability of the electronic device will also weaken along the semi-meridional direction, thus resulting in the concentration gradient between the electronic device and ionization along the semi-meridional direction. With the effect of the concentration gradient, the electronics and ionization diffuse from the center line to the wall thickness.

Because the external diffusion of electronic devices is faster than ionization, the external diffusion results in a positive potential difference at the center line and a negative potential at the wall thickness, which in turn results in an electric field from the center line to the wall thickness. Therefore, there are two kinds of electrostatic fields in the discharge tube of the vacuum pump, one is the eddy electric field closely around the magnetic induction line, the other is the electric field whose center line is inclined to the wall thickness. With the additional effect of the two electrostatic fields, the electronic device works closely around the center line on one side and expands on the wall thickness on the other, resulting in a series of high scores in the same ship. Because not the same half on the kinetic energy of electronic devices is not the same, excited energy levels and total is not the same, so the half is not the same high score, with different tone.

About the vacuum pump high-frequency discharge professional knowledge, the key for people to introduce the basic principle of equipment high-frequency discharge, cause, standards and efficiency of professional knowledge, looking forward to you can have a certain grasp and understanding, and then more effectively use it. Because pump equipment can discharge high-frequency characteristics, it is also very common in radar detection and other electronic industries.

High-frequency liquid ring vacuum pump

High-frequency liquid ring vacuum pump

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