Automatic Control Valve

Automatic flow controller

Self-operated flow controller also called self balancing valve, flow regulating valve, flow controller, dynamic balancing valves, flow balancing valve, self-operated flow controller is mainly used in: central heating (cold) water system, the pipeline flow to each according to his need, eliminate water system, hydraulic disorder, solve the problem of non-uniform heating, energy saving, power saving 15% 20%.

Automatic Control Valve

Automatic flow control valve of performance characteristics

The flow rate can be set according to the design or actual requirements. It can automatically eliminate the pressure difference fluctuation of the system and keep the flow rate unchanged.
Overcome the system cold and heat uneven phenomenon, improve the heating (cooling) quality. [1]
Solve the contradiction of large pressure difference at the proximal end and small pressure difference at the distal end.
Reduce the amount of water circulating in the system and reduce the system resistance.
Reduce the design workload, do not need to carry on the complicated hydraulic balance calculation to the pipe network.
It reduces the difficulty of network switching and simplifies the complex network switching into simple traffic allocation.
Avoid the work of flow redistribution when the heat source is switched in the multi-heat source network.
All flow display values are randomly calibrated on the test bench with flow rate (m3/h).

Automatic flow control valve of technical parameters

Medium temperature: 0-150℃;
Operating temperature: 150℃;
Working pressure: 1.6mpa;
Working pressure difference: 20-600kPa;
Flow accuracy: 5%.

Automatic flow control valve of material and life

Valve body – high quality grey cast iron
Inner parts – brass, stainless steel
Spring-stainless steel
Diaphragm – epdm
Life span – more than 10 years
Selection of automatic flow controller:
Can be selected according to the pipe diameter.
Can be selected according to the maximum flow and valve flow range.

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