pump in pharmaceutical solvent recovery

Pharmaceutical and chemical industry (vacuum polymerization, decomposition, distillation, purification, crystallization, drying) the relationship between human and chemical industry is very close. In modern life, chemical products are almost everywhere.

Pharmaceuticals, pesticides, synthetic dyes, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, coatings, spices and fragrances, cosmetics and toilets, soap and synthetic detergents, surfactants, printing inks and their auxiliaries, adhesives, photographic materials, magnetic materials, catalysts, reagents, water treatment agents and polymer flocculants, paper auxiliaries, leather auxiliaries, synthetic materials auxiliaries, textiles Printing and dyeing agents and finishing agents, food additives, feed additives, animal drugs, oilfield chemicals, petroleum additives and refining AIDS, cement additives, mineral flotation agents, foundry chemicals, metal surface treatment agents, synthetic lubricants and lubricants additives, automotive chemicals, aromatic deodorants, industrial anti bacteria and anti mildew agents, electronic chemicals and materials, high functionality Molecular materials, biochemical products and so on need vacuum. EVP vacuum pump manufacturers according to the different process requirements of customers, choose the right vacuum pump and vacuum unit to benefit customers.

At present, the development of various vacuum pumps is more and more affected by the application of vacuum. General traditional vacuum pump system can not meet the needs of clean, oil-free, corrosion-resistant, condensable steam extraction and operation under harsh conditions. Therefore, in recent years, the development of dry vacuum pump is rapid, and the vacuum products are constantly updated.

solvent recovery in pharmaceutical industry application:

After crystallization, the API with solvent crystallization process should be filtered, washed and vacuum dried. The water content of raw materials is generally about 20%, the heating temperature shall not exceed 80%, and the water content of dried crude drugs shall be less than 0.5%. In order to remove the solvent from the material, the pressure in the drying tank should be lower than the saturated vapor pressure of the solvent at the drying temperature, and it is usually required to dry at a medium vacuum pressure of 0.1-50 PA.

The solvent carried by the wet material is usually flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful hazardous chemicals, which are extracted by the vacuum device during the drying process.

The traditional wet vacuum system generally uses roots liquid ring vacuum pump unit. The sealing liquid of liquid ring pump will dissolve or absorb part of organic solvent in operation, and separate into waste gas and high concentration organic waste liquid in the vapor-liquid separation tank. However, these two parts need to be treated, which not only can’t completely recover this part of solvent, but also increases the operating cost of the enterprise, and brings harm to health, safety and environmental protection.

Applicable products: vacuum unit, water ring vacuum pump series, slide valve vacuum pump series, reciprocating vacuum pump series.

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