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From the current Australia liquid ring vacuum pump market, the utilization rate of Australia liquid ring vacuum pump has been greatly improved. Many users do not know the operating conditions of the liquid ring vacuum pump, which often causes damage to the liquid ring vacuum pump. When the efficiency of the liquid ring vacuum pump is not up to the standard, we have to think about whether there are any factors affecting the efficiency of the pump. The equipment will not be inefficient for no reason. The Australia liquid ring vacuum pump supplier will introduce the factors affecting the efficiency of the equipment.

1. Circulating cooling water

The insufficient supply of cooling water causes the condenser to heat up, the sound of air flow becomes louder, the vacuum drops rapidly, and even the steam will return to the exhaust pipe.

Condensed water can condensate the steam abundantly. The partial pressure of water vapor in the discharge pressure of vacuum pump must be higher than the corresponding full vapor pressure. Therefore, the temperature of water should be lower than the full temperature under the pressure to ensure the normal operation of the pump body.

2. Nozzles

Nozzle is an important component which affects the performance of water-ring vacuum pump. The existing problems are: nozzle misfit, misalignment, blockage, damage, corrosion and leakage.

No matter what preventive measures are taken, blockage is unavoidable. On the one hand, due to the installation of steam pipeline, the remaining iron scraps and welding slag in the pipeline will be blocked. On the other hand, when the vacuum pump system is shut down, the steam pipeline is easy to rust, and the rust spot falls and blockages in use.

3. Steam pressure

Low pressure and pressure fluctuation have great influence on the capacity of vacuum pump, so the steam pressure should not be lower than the required working pressure. However, the structure design of vacuum pump has been finalized. Excessive increase of steam pressure will not increase the pumping capacity and vacuum degree.

To ensure that the steam pressure supplied by the boiler is stable, a boiler is required to provide working steam exclusively to the steam ejector pump, so that the steam pressure will not fluctuate and the performance of the vacuum pump is stable.

4. Use environment

In the process of molten steel disposal, a lot of gas will be released from molten steel. There will be a part of fine particles such as oxide powder skin sucked into the vacuum pump, these particles will accumulate and adhere to the pump body, reducing the flow conductivity of the suction pipeline, prolonging the suction time, reducing the pumping function of the pump.


The working efficiency of the liquid ring vacuum pump is very important, and the factors affecting its working efficiency are also complicated. We need to explore the problems pertinently, improve the working efficiency of the equipment, and do not do some useless work, in order to avoid the opposite.

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