Liquid ring pump for Hospital scientific research

Therefore, it is of great scientific and application value to carry out basic research on the working principle and performance of the liquid ring pump.

Liquid ring pump structure description

1. shell
The shell is divided into two parts: the front part and the back part. The shell has suction and exhaust ports, which are connected with the gas distributor fixed on the side cover of the filling body.

2. impeller
The blade is bent forward, so that the liquid velocity is large, so as to obtain a larger speed energy and promote the formation of an elliptical liquid ring. The length of the impeller is almost equal to the diameter, and the center of the impeller has a hollow mesh column, which coincides with the gas distributor during assembly

3. Gas distributor
When the gas distributor is installed on the side cover, the perpendicularity between the outer circle of the gas distributor and the locating end of the side cover shall be ensured to avoid the friction between the outer circle of the gas distributor and the inner hole of the impeller affecting the performance after assembly. A suction window and an exhaust window are arranged on the gas distributor to send the gas into the negative pressure space formed by the liquid ring and send the compressed gas to the outlet channel on the side cover.

4. side cover
There are two side covers fixed on both sides of the housing. There are suction windows and exhaust windows, which are connected with the gas distributor through channels inside the side cover. The side cover is closely connected with the gas distributor

5. Bearing body and bearing gland
The bearing is fixed on two side covers, each of which is equipped with a single row of radial ball bearing. It is lubricated by grease. A bearing gland is arranged on the inner and outer sides of the bearing body.

6. Water inlet and outlet pipes
There are filling water supply pipe, water ring water supply pipe and drain pipe.

7. Shaft seal part
It is composed of packing (oil immersed asbestos packing), packing ring and packing gland. The degree of packing compaction is suitable for sealing water trickling down. It can also be designed or modified as a mechanical seal.

During operation, water is supplied to the pump continuously with a certain pressure to form a water ring. The excess water is continuously discharged with the gas through the exhaust chamber and collected by the gas-liquid separator, which can be recycled after being cooled.

Liquid ring pump for Hospital scientific research

Liquid ring pump for Hospital scientific research

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