oil free vacuum pump in industry application

Different vacuum pumps can be applied to different process types, such as water ring vacuum pump for vacuum concentration, vacuum dehydration, etc.; reciprocating vacuum pump for vacuum distillation, vacuum filtration, etc.; oil seal mechanical vacuum pump (including slide valve pump, rotary vane vacuum pump,) for vacuum drying, vacuum coating, etc.; roots vacuum pump for vacuum transportation, vacuum smelting, etc.; screw true The air pump is suitable for oil-free and clean vacuum process. So, is oil-free vacuum pump suitable for industrial production?

Industry is an important part of the secondary industry, the product of the development of social division of labor, and refers to the industry or engineering of raw material collection and product processing and manufacturing.

We can classify industrial production in these two ways.

According to production objects, it can be divided into ① mining industry: ore mining, oil mining, solar energy utilization; ② processing industry and manufacturing industry: food processing industry, machinery manufacturing industry, textile industry, etc.

According to the nature of products, it can be divided into: (1) heavy industry: the general name of all industrial departments of means of production, such as mining, machinery, electricity, building materials, electronic industry, etc.; and (2) light industry: the general name of all industrial departments of means of production and consumption, such as textile, food, home appliances, etc. Part of the heavy industry is for living consumption, and part of the light industry is for production.

Oil free vacuum pump also known as dry pump, this vacuum pump without any working fluid. Therefore, it can ensure that the extracted space is clean and free of pollution to the surrounding environment. Some people call it “green” vacuum pump. Using it can improve product quality.

Why is the application of oil-free vacuum pump in the field of industrial production? That’s because it’s hard to avoid pollution in the process of industrial production, in order to reduce some pollution in the production process.


oil free vacuum pump advantages:

1. Under its working pressure, the oil-free vacuum pump should be able to discharge all the gas produced in the process of vacuum equipment.

2. Requirements of vacuum equipment for oil pollution. If the equipment is strictly oil-free, all kinds of oil pumps should be selected, such as: water ring vacuum pump, ion pump, low temperature pump, etc. If the requirements are not strict, you can choose to have oil pump, plus some oil pollution prevention measures, such as adding cold trap, baffle, oil trap, etc., can also meet the requirements of clean vacuum.

The advantage of oil-free vacuum pump is obvious. It does not need oil, so it will not pollute the environment when it works. It is the first choice of many food enterprises, pharmaceutical and electronic product manufacturers. At the same time, there is another advantage that we often ignore. Because the technology of oil-free vacuum pump is difficult, and the product does a good job in energy consumption and noise factors, so oil-free vacuum The pump will not only not pollute the environment, but also save energy. It is an ideal configuration for the future development of vacuum packaging machine industry.

EVP vacuum pump manufacturers mainly research and develop new vacuum products, especially various clean, oil-free, corrosion-resistant dry pumps, oil-free vacuum pumps, etc., to meet the needs of semiconductor, various industrial production and other application fields for vacuum, improve the reliability and automation level of vacuum equipment, and further develop new application fields.

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