Vacuum pumps types of industrial

Vacuum pump purpose:

1. Main vacuum pump: in the vacuum system, the vacuum pump used to obtain the required vacuum degree.

2, coarse vacuum pump: from atmospheric pressure, reduce the pressure of the system to another pumping system began to work of the vacuum pump.

3. Front vacuum pump: a vacuum pump used to keep the front pressure of another pump below its maximum allowable front pressure. The front – stage pump can also be used as a crude pump.

4, maintenance vacuum pump: in the vacuum system equipped with a small capacity of the auxiliary front vacuum pump, to maintain the normal operation of the main vacuum pump or to maintain the evacuated container of the low pressure vacuum pump.

5. Coarse (low) vacuum pump: a vacuum pump starting from atmospheric pressure to reduce the pressure of the container and operating in the low vacuum range.

6. High vacuum pump: a vacuum pump operating in a high vacuum range.

7. Ultra-high vacuum pump: the vacuum pump operating in the ultra-high vacuum range.

8. Booster pump: a vacuum pump (such as mechanical booster pump and oil booster pump, etc.) installed between the high vacuum pump and the low vacuum pump to improve the pumping capacity of the extraction system within the intermediate pressure range or to reduce the capacity requirements of the front vacuum pump.

Vacuum pumps process types applicable to various:

1. Liquid ring vacuum pump: suitable for vacuum concentration, vacuum dehydration, vacuum decolorization, vacuum drying, vacuum preservation, vacuum storage, vacuum transportation, vacuum molding and other processes.

2. Oil diffusion pump: applicable to vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum smelting, vacuum purification, vacuum analysis instrument, vacuum leak detector, production electric vacuum device, space simulation, accelerator vacuum system and other processes. It is suitable for the extraction of high vacuum, itself can not directly exhaust the atmosphere, must be equipped with a fore vacuum pump for use.

3, dry vacuum pump (scroll vacuum pump, screw vacuum pump) : suitable for oil-free cleaning vacuum process, such as semiconductor industry, electronics industry, chemical industry and other processes, these pumps can directly exhaust the atmosphere.

Vacuum pumps types of industrial

Vacuum pumps types of industrial

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