Causes of vacuum pump failure

Vacuum pump is a kind of widely used vacuum equipment. It can be used to output compressed air, pump air and pump water. Therefore, vacuum pump can work well in scientific research, gas collection, chemical industry, medical treatment, bioengineering, automatic control, environmental protection and other fields in China, and can achieve very good working results. However, in the work of vacuum pump, there will inevitably be some problems Accident, next I will analyze what causes the vacuum pump failure and solutions for you.

Pump shaft bearing position worn

The wear of transmission parts of vacuum pump is a common problem, including bearing position, bearing seat, bearing chamber, keyway and thread. The traditional methods are mainly repair welding and brush plating spraying, which can be repaired by polymer materials without disassembly and machining. There is no influence of repair welding thermal stress, and the repair thickness is not limited. At the same time, the metal material of the product does not have the concession, which can absorb the impact vibration of the equipment, avoid the possibility of re abrasion, and greatly extend the service life of the equipment components, save a lot of downtime for the enterprise, and create huge economic value.


Vacuum pump corrosion

The forms of vacuum pump corrosion can be divided into two categories: overall corrosion and local corrosion. The former occurs evenly on all surfaces of vacuum pump, while the latter only occurs locally. Polymer composite materials are used to carry out surface organic coating anti-corrosion of vacuum pump, which has good chemical resistance, excellent mechanical properties and adhesive properties. Compared with traditional pressure vessel welding repair, it has It has the characteristics of simple construction, low cost, safety performance and good repair effect.

Cracking of shell

Because of casting and processing defects, internal stress and overload operation, vacuum pump often leads to cracks or fractures. The conventional repair method is to use welding or “cold welding” technology, which can avoid thermal stress deformation, at the same time, the material has good adhesion, compression resistance, corrosion resistance and other comprehensive properties, and can meet the use requirements of various equipment components to the maximum extent, so as to effectively ensure production with the lowest cost input. Safe, convenient and reliable.

For those living objects, we should treat them with awe. For the vacuum pump, it is also a living individual, so when there is a problem or failure in the process of work, users can not abandon or have a negative attitude towards the use of the vacuum pump. How to deal with the failure of vacuum pump timely and effectively is not only the wisdom of workers, but also the progress of the whole vacuum pump.

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