dry vacuum pump of two structures

What are the two structures of dry vacuum pump?

1. Screw type
In the screw compressor, the number of rotor turns is within one circle, while that of screw vacuum pump is more than two as shown in Fig. 6. In this way, the return flow can be reduced and the compression ratio can be increased. The single-stage pump can be pumped from atmospheric pressure to the limit pressure of 1pA, and the pumping speed is 60-120m3 / h. There are commercially available products.

dry vacuum pump of two structures

2. Moment form
A pair of right and left rotors with rectangular cross-section are meshed, driven by synchronous gears to realize non-contact high-speed operation. The gas enters from the upper side and is compressed in the pump chamber, and is discharged from the lower end of the rotor. The rotor rotates once a cycle to exhaust gas. The compression ratio and pumping speed of the pump are related to the guide angle of the rotor, the clearance between the rotor and the pump body, the meshing rate, the number of turns, the diameter of the rotor and the rotating speed.

Because of its large number of loops, the pump speed is lower than that of the screw type. The pump can draw the limit pressure 10-1Pa from atmospheric pressure, and the pump with a pumping speed of 40 to 80m3/h is commercially available.

Oil changing process of dry vacuum pump

What is the oil change process of dry vacuum pump?

1. Turn on the suction pipe of dry vacuum pump and start to run after 5 seconds. The remaining pump oil in the pump is simply removed.

2. First remove the exhaust pipe, open the oil valve, and then pour the pump oil.

dry vacuum pump

3. Close the oil drain valve and inject new vacuum pump oil from the oil filling port.

4. If the pump oil pollution is very serious, it is necessary to add some new pump oil, after a few minutes of operation to make it clean, if one time cleaning is not in place, it is necessary to repeatedly clean several times.

5. After replacing with new pump oil, start the dry vacuum pump and confirm the vacuum limit pressure after the temperature rises.

6. The filter screen should be cleaned during maintenance.
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