Vacuum suction pump

Vacuum suction device is a kind of closed pipeline conveying equipment which conveys fluid materials by means of vacuum suction. It uses the difference of air pressure between vacuum and environment space to form gas flow in the pipeline and drive the movement of fluid materials so as to complete the fluid conveying. As a suction equipment, it is widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, metallurgy, plastics and other industries. Many users are concerned about the equipment needed for vacuum suction device. Therefore, EVP vacuum pump manufacturer analyses the special vacuum pump for vacuum suction device.

As a conveying system, vacuum suction machine has many characteristics, such as convenient maintenance, labor saving, simple operation and strong adaptability. Nowadays, our country attaches great importance to air pollution. It is a general trend to use pneumatic conveying system as powder conveying equipment.

What is a vacuum suction machine?

Vacuum suction machine consists of vacuum pump (no oil, no water), vacuum hopper, filter (polyester film filter, PE filter, 316L stainless steel filter or titanium metal filter, compressed air backblowing device, pneumatic discharging valve device, automatic level control device, stainless steel suction nozzle, conveying hose, etc. The whole system is designed reasonably and manufactured beautifully.

The function of suction and storage of vacuum suction device has been basically mature, but in the actual use process, there still exists the phenomenon of wall sticking in the mixture, especially at the top of the device. It is impossible to achieve uniform and efficient mixing at all. Based on this, an improved vacuum suction device is the technology in this field. Personnel are in urgent need.

In order to improve the vacuum suction device, the EVP vacuum pump manufacturer provides a technical scheme to use the vacuum pump to assist the vacuum suction device to better complete the mixing function.


Vacuum suction pump characteristics:

(1) There is a large pumping speed in a wide pressure range.

(2) The rotor has good geometric symmetry, so it has small vibration and smooth operation. There are clearances between the rotors and between the rotors and the housing. Without lubrication, the friction loss is small, which can greatly reduce the driving power and achieve higher speed.

(3) There is no need for oil seal and lubrication in the pump chamber, which can reduce the pollution of oil vapor to the vacuum system.

(4) There is no compression and exhaust valve in the pump chamber. Its structure is simple and compact, and it is insensitive to dust and water vapor in the exhausted gas.

(5) Compression ratio is low and the effect of hydrogen extraction is poor.

(6) The surface of the rotor is a curved cylindrical surface with complex shape, so it is difficult to process and inspect.

Vacuum suction machine automatically conveys all kinds of materials to hoppers of silos, packaging machines, injection moulding machines, crushers and other equipment. It can also directly convey mixed materials to mixers, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and solves the problem of dust spillover during feeding. It is the pharmaceutical and food factories that pass GMP certification to promote cleaning. Clean and civilized production of the preferred equipment.

Through the analysis of vacuum suction pump, the improvement of vacuum suction device makes it have the function of mixing material and can realize the function of mixing material perfectly. Moreover, it is easy to operate and flexible to use, which will greatly reduce production costs and improve work efficiency, and is suitable for large-scale popularization.

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