When choosing a dry screw vacuum pump, what are the requirements for suction pressure?

When choosing a dry screw vacuum pump, what are the requirements for suction pressure? Let’s understand together, there are three main requirements for the suction pressure of dry screw vacuum pumps.

The first aspect: due to losses along the way, the suction pressure at the filter is always lower than the suction pressure at the inlet of the dry screw vacuum pump.

The second aspect: When the carbonation synthesis rate of the filter is too high, the slurry is suspended, like a jelly stuck to the filter cloth, it is difficult to filter, and the vacuum degree is rapidly improved.

The third aspect: the size of the aluminum hydroxide particles in the slurry from the carbon separation tank of the sintering method alumina consumption system is uneven, especially containing some ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide particles, which can easily block the filter cloth, and the sintering method aluminum hydroxide slurry It is easy to harden the filter cloth, which will make the vacuum degree increase rapidly.

Special reminder, there may be some other unexpected situations that may occur. The flat plate filter has shown a rapid increase in vacuum when washing the filter cloth. Therefore, the suction pressure of the pump should be selected with more margin than normal.

The following is an introduction to the knowledge of dry screw vacuum pumps:

Dry screw vacuum pumps reason for the lack of air volume

Dry screw vacuum pumps are a relatively common type of vacuum pump products, with various categories and a relatively large application span. During our normal use of dry screw vacuum pumps, it is inevitable that various problems will occur. for example, dry type The screw vacuum pump lacks air volume, so what is the reason for the lack of air volume of the dry screw vacuum pump? The dry screw vacuum pump summarizes the following four aspects through technical analysis and experience.

1. Air leakage in the pipeline

The pipeline of the dry screw vacuum pump leaks air and liquid, and the unfavorable loss becomes larger; the motor power supply becomes weak and the speed is insufficient; the water supply is getting small; there is too much space between the impeller and the distribution plate; the mechanical seal is reduced, which makes the pipeline Air leakage and liquid leakage; circulating water is difficult to clean. When encountering such problems, you need to check in time, check the sealing of check valves, pipelines, and machinery, etc., and eliminate them one by one when you encounter problems.

2. Whether the selection is suitable

The reason for the lack of pump capacity of the dry screw vacuum pump may also be that the specifications are not required during the selection, and the selection was wrong. Because the air flow required at the equipment application site is relatively high and the air flow of the pump is too low to meet the required specifications, we must control the parameters we need when we choose the dry screw vacuum pump, and then compare the parameters of the target product. , Discontinue the selection of effective vacuum pumps.

3. Whether the power supply is normal

The dry screw vacuum pump installed recently has shown a response of lack of pump capacity. First, we must check whether the power connection of the dry screw vacuum pump is normal, Could it be the rotation of the dry screw vacuum pump caused by the reverse connection of the line, which will eventually cause the dry screw vacuum pump to show the problem of lack of pump capacity ? If such problems are encountered, they need to be carefully checked.

4. Too much wear of the north impeller

For dry screw vacuum pumps that have been used for a long time, the lack of air flow is likely to be caused by excessive wear on the impeller or pump body. Of course, it may also be caused by blockage of the dry screw vacuum pump body or pipeline blockage. To deal with this kind of problem, firstly, check whether the dry screw vacuum pump body and pipeline are blocked or congested. Then check the wear and tear of the impeller and pump body. If the problem is found, you need to replace it with new accessories or buy a dry screw vacuum pump made of corrosion-resistant material.

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