Vacuum pump system in vacuum smelting

Vacuum smelting is one of the ways of metal smelting. For vacuum pump system, it is also very good in vacuum smelting and power capacitor, as well as transformer vacuum heat treatment. Vacuum metallurgy refers to the metallurgical operation under the protection of vacuum or inert gas. It is used to smelt alloy steel in a vacuum smelting furnace. There is a coil outside the furnace, in which the current changes repeatedly, and eddy current is generated in the metal inside the furnace. The heat produced by the eddy current melts the metal. The advantage of using eddy current to smelt metal is that the whole process can be carried out in vacuum, so as to prevent impurities in the air from entering the metal and to smelt high-quality alloy. This paper mainly introduces the application of vacuum unit in vacuum smelting.

Why vacuum pump system?

Our company is a professional manufacturer of vacuum units, providing customers with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service. It is mainly used in suction air and other non condensable and non corrosive gases. It is widely used in various vacuum systems that need large pumping speed and need to obtain low and high vacuum. It is also the first choice for coarse vacuum and medium vacuum systems. For example: vacuum smelting, degassing of molten steel, vacuum sintering, obtaining of dynamic vacuum in large-scale space simulation experiment, vacuum impregnation treatment of power capacitor and transformer, exhaust of automatic production line of fluorescent tube and bulb, continuous exhaust of insulation bottle, pre extraction in vacuum coating equipment, extraction in magnesium reduction process, degassing in monocrystalline silicon refining process, etc.


There are two types of application examples of vacuum unit in vacuum smelting:

First, roots slide valve vacuum unit. Roots slide valve vacuum unit is mainly based on Roots pump, which is the medium and high vacuum obtaining equipment of the front stage pump. The whole unit is composed of roots pump, slide valve pump, pipeline (including stainless steel bellows), valve electric pull box, etc. The vacuum unit composed of slide valve pump and roots pump is non corrosive gas, which can not react with pump oil chemically. A small amount of condensable gas can be pumped out under the condition of opening the gas valve. In a certain case, long-term operation has the advantages of energy saving, no vibration, small floor area and so on. It is widely used in vacuum smelting, copper degassing, vacuum drying, vacuum infiltration, vacuum concentration, vacuum simulation device, electronic device exhaust, and other vacuum operations.

The second is the roots rotary vacuum unit. Roots rotary vane vacuum unit is a medium and high vacuum equipment with roots pump as the main pump and rotary vane pump as the front pump. The whole unit is composed of roots pump, vane pump, pipeline (including bellows), valve, electric pull box, etc. Its biggest characteristics: first, it makes up for the defect that the pumping speed of the two-stage vane pump decreases when it is 1000 ~ 1pA; second, compared with the same pumping speed of the two-stage vane pump, it has significant energy-saving effect. Compared with other types of mechanical pumps of the previous stage, it is small in volume, light in weight, low in noise and high in vacuum. It is suitable for pumping clean gas without corrosiveness and chemical reaction to pump oil. Under the condition of gas ballast, a small amount of condensable gas can also be extracted. The unit can be used not only as the sobbing equipment, but also as the pre stage or pre pumping equipment of higher vacuum obtaining equipment (such as diffusion pump). It is widely used in vacuum smelting, steel degassing, vacuum drying, vacuum impregnation, vacuum concentration, vacuum decolorization and deodorization.

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