electric high vacuum butterfly valve selection guide

The electric high vacuum butterfly valve is composed of electric actuator and butterfly valve. The characteristics of the two should be considered in the selection, that is, the requirements of the instrument electrical control system for the electric actuator, as well as the requirements of the medium, temperature, pressure, anti-corrosion and other factors in the process pipeline for the butterfly valve. The best combination of the two is to meet all the requirements of the control system. Now let’s follow the steps of technicians to learn what kind of selection guide knowledge is needed when purchasing electric high vacuum butterfly valve.

1. Connection mode: wafer type butterfly valve, flange type butterfly valve, lug type butterfly valve, welding type butterfly valve, quick installation type butterfly valve. It is preferred to clamp connection because of its small connection size, light weight and low cost.

2. Medium temperature in the pipeline: when the temperature is ≤ 80 ℃, the nitrile rubber soft sealing butterfly valve can be selected; when the temperature is ≤ 120 ℃, the EPDM sealing material can be selected. When the temperature is ≤ 150 ℃, polytetrafluoroethylene sealing material can be selected. Hard seal butterfly valve is recommended for temperature ≥ 150 ℃.

3. Medium pressure in the pipeline: when the pressure is ≤ 1.6Mpa, soft seal butterfly valve is preferred. Hard seal butterfly valve is recommended when the pressure is ≥ 1.6Mpa.

4. Medium corrosiveness in the pipeline: Teflon sealing ring and stainless steel butterfly plate sealing are preferred. The butterfly valve with full liner and teflon seal can be selected as the strong corrosive medium. When the temperature is high, stainless steel hard seal butterfly valve can be selected. Plastic butterfly valve can be used in general acid and alkali medium.

5. The regulating performance of butterfly valve is good: the regulating performance is approximately equal percentage, which is combined with regulating electric actuator to form electric regulating butterfly valve. Accept the 4-20mA signal of the control system, and adjust the pressure, temperature and flow of the process system.

electric high vacuum butterfly valve selection guide

6. The voltage of electric butterfly valve is usually AC220V and AC380V. Small caliber butterfly valve can choose AC220V voltage. Large caliber butterfly valve needs AC380 voltage to ensure enough power and torque to drive the butterfly valve. Special voltage DC24V shall be specified when ordering.

7. When the electric butterfly valve is under switch control, the feedback signal is divided into active contact signal and passive contact signal. The continuous resistance output signal can distinguish the opening position of butterfly valve.

8. The connection mode of standard butterfly valve and electric actuator is preferred. Standardized installation, convenient maintenance in the future. When the medium temperature is high, the connecting bracket shall be lengthened properly to prevent the high temperature from reaching the electric actuator and affecting the service life.

9. Electric ventilation butterfly valve is mainly used for ventilation and dust removal pipeline, mostly for adjustment or switch, with a certain amount of leakage. Electric high vacuum butterfly valve is used in vacuum system. Dust electric butterfly valve is used for cement discharge and dry powder medium pipeline. Lug type electric butterfly valve can be used in the vent system at the pipeline end.

GI, GIQ and GID vacuum butterfly valves are suitable for medium of – 25 ~ 200 ℃ according to different materials and different actuator classifications. The valve body is made of carbon steel (nickel steel), stainless steel and alloy steel.

electric high vacuum butterfly valve technical parameters:

applicability(Pa)  10 5 ~1.3×10-6
Valve leak rate(Pa.L/S)  ≤1.3×10-7
Opening and closing time (s)  DN≤63 20;80≤DN≤200 30; DN≥250 48
Applicable temperature(℃)  -25~+80 (sealing material is NBR)
 -30~+150 (sealing material is fluororubber)
Material of main parts of valve  Stainless steel or carbon steel
Flange standard  JB919
Installation position arbitrarily
supply voltage  AC220V/50Hz
 Special designation:DC24V
control circuit  AC220V/50Hz Switch
 Special designation:Choose  ①DC24V Switch
                      ②4~20mA DC Adjustable
                          ③1~5V   DC Adjustable
signal feedback      Optional

The above is EVP vacuum pump manufacturer carefully summarizes the selection guide knowledge of electric high vacuum butterfly valve for you. If you have any doubts about the selection, please consult us at any time, and we will choose the appropriate electric high vacuum butterfly valve for you.

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