Consult water ring vacuum pump

The manufacturer that produces water ring vacuum pump on the market already a lot of, the use demand of the user also is increasing ceaselessly, so how should choose water ring vacuum pump? A lot of users choose to consult with peers to determine the water ring vacuum pump which company is good. In fact, the type of water ring vacuum pump mainly depends on the pumping medium, the amount of air required to work, the vacuum or exhaust pressure, if the corresponding understanding, will help the user to determine how to choose the water ring vacuum pump.

1. select the specification with low speed

At present, the most used water ring vacuum pump in the domestic market is the axial suction and exhaust single action vacuum pump, for the same specifications have a variety of speed options. In comparison, the impeller of the large-size water ring vacuum pump is larger and the speed is lower. With the same equivalent pumping volume as a reference, the large vacuum pump has a lower rotary rate, consumes less power and is more efficient. At the same time, the large size water ring vacuum pump blade flow channel long causes the fluid curvature is small, because of close to the straight line of the fluid generated by the secondary eddies and boundary layer caused by the energy loss is much smaller.

2. Consider the actual effect of water temperature

This is the user consult water ring vacuum pump need to consider another point. Due to the market water ring vacuum pump set performance curve, technical parameters and the actual temperature of the majority of domestic users have a certain amount of deviation, therefore, the user in the choice of water ring vacuum pump should fully consider the effect of the actual water temperature on the gas volume, it is better to increase the appropriate amount of gas according to the technical documents.

3. Consider the influence of inspiratory resistance

In coal mine users of water ring vacuum pump operation, still need to consider the gas suction location and the actual distance of water ring vacuum pump, precision measuring inspiratory resistance loss, choose the corresponding parameters of water ring vacuum pump, and should not be on line using appropriate coarse fine, pipeline layout should not be the appropriate on the straight, reduce the right-angle bend, improve the efficiency of suction.

When the user consults the water ring vacuum pump directly sold by the manufacturer, the manufacturer shall provide the corresponding technical parameters according to the requirements of the manufacturer such as the increase of exhaust pressure, the increase of shaft power and the power of the driving machine, so as to fully meet the requirements of the user. At the same time, the user should as far as possible choose the vacuum pump vacuum operating in the efficient range.

With the rapid development of China’s economy, the demand for environmental protection is rising, as the “industrial heart” vacuum pump industry has made great progress. Especially the intensive policy support, the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry leap forward, the future development of the water ring pump industry is considerable.

The company attaches equal importance to after-sales service and product research and development. The company cultivates and has a high-quality and capable after-sales service team to ensure that customers have no worries after purchasing the company’s products. Promoting the spirit of craftsman, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of industrial and manufacturing industries and transforming them from manufacturing giants to manufacturing giants are not only to meet the growing needs of the people for a better life, but also to deepen the supply-side structural reform and smooth transformation of new drivers of growth. In such a new era and new normal, EVP vacuum has been on the way!

Consult water ring vacuum pump

Consult water ring vacuum pump

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