Vacuum pumps for evaporators, cookware and vacuum pans

Evaporators, cookers and vacuum trays are used to process unrefined food into concentrated form by boiling. In these processes, vacuum is used to reduce boiling point to improve appearance and taste, shorten cooking time and reduce energy costs.

Here is a brief introduction to the vacuum pump used for evaporators, cookers and vacuum discs. For more information, please click to contact us.

Vacuum pumps for evaporators, cookware and vacuum pans

Single stage liquid ring vacuum pump for operating procedures

1. Open the water inlet valve before starting the pump, and start the pump immediately after opening the water inlet valve.

2. The best working water consumption of the pump is clean tap water with water pressure of 1-1.5 × 105Pa. If the water pressure is normal, the water valve can be fully opened; if the water pressure is high, the water inlet valve can be adjusted to control the water volume.

3. The liquid ring vacuum pump needs to make up water, which should be controlled reasonably. If it is too small, it will reduce the performance of the vacuum pump. If it is too large, it will not only reduce the performance of the pump, but also overload the motor.

4. Before stopping the pump, the water inlet valve should be closed, and then the gas with higher pressure should be put into the air inlet, so that the water in the pump is basically discharged and then shut down.

5. Pay attention to observe the current situation during operation. If the current rises suddenly, stop the pump immediately for inspection; if water leakage is found in the square hole under the pump connection base during operation, stop the pump for maintenance; during the operation, there should be no foreign matter in the exhaust pipe to block the pipe, if found, stop the machine immediately to eliminate.

6. If the vacuum pump is not used for a long time, the water in the pump should be drained. .

7. Before the machine is shut down and started for a long time, the motor protective cover should be removed and the motor fan blade should be turned by hand to make it rotate flexibly before starting.

2bv vacuum pump

Working fluid for liquid ring vacuum pump of supply and discharge

The working fluid plays a very important role in the liquid ring vacuum pump. More or less of the working liquid supply will cause the vacuum degree of the vacuum pump to decrease. Therefore, we should control the working fluid supply of the liquid ring vacuum pump.

We all know that the working liquid of liquid ring vacuum pump is water as medium, and water plays a very important role in liquid ring vacuum pump. So how to supply and discharge the working liquid of liquid ring vacuum pump is an important topic. Here, let me analyze them one by one.

The supply of working liquid for liquid ring vacuum pump: first of all, we should choose and make a good pool, the depth of water should be higher than the pump. Then the water inlet of the vacuum pump is connected to the pipeline of the pool in parallel with the pipe. Because the water depth of the pool is higher than that of the pump, the water will automatically flow into the pump, which is the supply of working fluid for liquid ring vacuum pump.

liquid ring vacuum pump

For liquid ring vacuum pump working fluid discharge:

There are two methods of emission, one is direct emission, the other is recycling. Direct discharge is the direct discharge of water. This method is the simplest, but also the most wasteful of resources. However, sometimes the extracted gas contains some organic solvents and toxic substances. Due to the large discharge of water, the discharge of water has caused great pressure on the environmental protection, so it is necessary to be cautious to directly discharge the working liquid.

Recycling refers to recycling the discharged water back to the pool for recycling. For the discharge of working liquid of liquid ring vacuum pump, we generally recommend that customers use recycling, mainly because recycling can save water resources and protect the environment.

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