Vacuum system in sewage treatment complex process

Vacuum system in composite process of sewage treatment of application

The ecological treatment of sewage has the characteristics of simple operation, low cost and good effect, which can realize the benign development of human living environment. The specific application of vacuum system in the composite process of sewage treatment will be the mainstream of environmental protection industry in the future. In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economy, the ecological environment is deteriorating day by day, and ecological environmental protection has become an important issue for the whole society and the country. In the process of ecological civilization construction, water pollution is the most serious and intractable problem, and is closely related to people’s lives. The whole society began to pay general attention to the sewage ecological treatment technology, ecological environmental protection of sewage treatment technology is an important measure to change the status quo of water pollution, will also be the future direction of the development of sewage treatment technology.

Vacuum system in sewage treatment complex process

It is necessary for us to know something about the composite process of sewage treatment.

Composite technology for sewage treatment is to use two or more than two kinds of different sewage treatment methods after intensive and developed wastewater treatment process, such as the typical sewage treatment diversion aeration biological filter composite technology, is on the basis of the traditional aeration biological filter, fully under the reference to the flow aeration biological filter method, the upward flow aeration biological filter method, contact oxidation and biological membrane law, artificial fast filter method, sedimentation separation, no return sludge pump, water filter method and so on eight design technique, and the secondary or tertiary wastewater treatment process and developed out of sewage treatment process, new technology, is one of them.

Application characteristics of imported vacuum system in composite process of sewage treatment:

After the vacuum system starts, the whole operation process can be fully automatic control. During the operation, the vacuum degree (that is, the evenly distributed vacuum rarefaction) throughout the vacuum system fluctuates up and down within its allowable range, which can be adjusted according to user requirements. The use of screw vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump, vane vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump vacuum system can achieve the best process technology.

When the first vacuum pump fails to reach the required vacuum after starting, the second vacuum pump starts to reach the set vacuum value. When the required set point is reached, the first vacuum pump stops and the second vacuum pump stops circulating. The vacuum system of our company can automatically control the system under unmanned operation and automatically close the vacuum system during power failure. At the same time, the control box can protect the vacuum pump motor overload and short circuit.

The application of the vacuum system in the composite process of sewage treatment is described in this paper. Treated sewage by regulating pool is located in the upper part of the device cycle clarifier, the formation of high water head, and in the circulating clarifier reaction zone of physical and chemical coagulation reaction at the same time get the biochemical metabolism of microorganism, from the reaction zone to clarify the treated wastewater under the action of the suspended solids in the weight of precipitation to set up in clear area cone wall of inside the bucket and under the water static pressure into the sludge pool, the charge on the surface of the water tank on its after collection by riser into hypoxia at the bottom of a pool, the treated wastewater anaerobic treatment; The metabolism of biochemical microorganisms was obtained from the treated sewage flowing into the aerobic pool from the anoxic pool. The water in the aerobic pool was partially returned to the anoxic pool to form nitrification and denitrification, which completed the process of dephosphorization and nitrogen removal. The treated sewage from the aerobic tank flowing into the sedimentation tank was separated into solid and liquid. The separated solid part was discharged into the sludge tank from the bottom under the static pressure of the water body, while the separated liquid part flowed into the tank from the top and was reused after disinfection by the disinfection equipment.

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