Spilt casing pump supply

Product overview
GSN series is our company’s latest high efficiency single stage double suction centrifugal pump. It refers to the world’s best hydraulic model and uses the most advanced hydrodynamic calculation method – CFD (Computer Aided Design) to develop a new generation of pump products.
The pump can complete the company’s vacuum water diversion device to achieve full automatic control, to provide you with a real water supply solution.

Main advantages

High efficiency and energy saving

The efficiency of GSN pump is the highest in the field of pumps nowadays, which is 3%-5% higher than that of the same products in the same industry. It has higher operating efficiency in a wide flow range. It can reduce operating costs and select motor with smaller power. It is the most energy-saving and high efficiency to start pumps.

Excellent cavitation resistance

GSN pump has excellent cavitation resistance through special design. Compared with traditional double suction pump, it can save capital construction cost.

– Noise Reduction and Vibration Reduction

GSN pump adopts the careful design of reducing noise and vibration, prolongs the service life of equipment, is more economical and environmental protection.

– Various combinations of materials

Various material combinations make the GSN pump suitable for a wider range of fields, according to different requirements, choose different material combinations.

Simple structure, easy maintenance

The shell adopts the upper and lower split structure, which is easy to disassemble and easy to repair. As long as the upper shell is disassembled and the main piping is not disassembled, the internal parts of the pump can be repaired.

Applicable working condition

Water intake/supply/pressurization of water supply system
Water intake/water supply/pressurization/water circulation/drainage/desalination/chemical industry/refining/fire protection for industrial applications
Irrigation water supply/drainage
Building Water Supply/Drainage/Air Conditioning
Pipeline water and crude oil transportation/pressurization

Scope of application

Caliber range: E150~E1000mm
Flow range: 125-15000m_/h
Head range: 10-130 M

Product display

Spilt casing pump supply

technical specifications

Standard Specification Optional specifications
Extraction medium Clear water, industrial water, river water Seawater, brine, pulp (similar to water), organic liquid, etc.
Medium temperature Below 80 degrees Celsius 80℃~120℃
Shaft seal form Packing seal Mechanical Seal or Soft Packing Seal
Bearing and lubrication Rolling bearing (grease lubrication) Rolling bearings (grease or oil lubrication)
Rotation direction Clockwise (from the direction of the prime mover) Anti-clockwise
Flange standard GB JIS、ANSI、API
Direction of Inhalation and Exhaustion Horizontal inhalation and vomiting
Driving mode Direct connection with motor Diesel engines and steam turbines are driven by gearboxes
Enclosure Ground bolt, coupling, exhaust pipe, self-sealing pipe Common base, pump base, pressure gauge, vacuum pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, initial sensor, solenoid valve, pressure switch, bearing thermometer, bearing thermometer with alarm signal, tools, anti-flange, etc.

Installation dimension

Spilt casing pump installation dimension


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