Vacuum Pumps For Molded Fiber Processing

Molded fiber or molded pulp is the process of producing strong, environmentally friendly food and protective packaging. Moulded fibre packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and includes newspapers, magazines, paper and any products made from paper fibre as well as biodegradable plant products. Beverage carrier, egg carrier, or filler plate are commonly used moulded fiber products that require a vacuum.

Since moulded fibers are a renewable and recyclable resource, this vacuum application is being developed because of the constant conversion pressure of plastic and polystyrene packaging.

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Vacuum Pumps For Molded Fiber Processing

When we understand the structure of the liquid ring vacuum pump, it will not only help us to operate it in the future use, but also carry out some maintenance operations according to the structure sometimes, which is beneficial to the use of equipment. In the following will be introduced the knowledge of its structure?

1. Liquid ring vacuum pump adopts the structure form of single-stage action. The pump is composed of pump body, impeller, front and rear pump cover (one piece each), front and rear distribution plate (disc), shaft, front and rear bearing parts, valve plate parts, etc.

2. filler is installed in the pump cover sealing fluid through the pump cover the holes into the packing chamber, with cooling packing and sealing effect. When the mechanical seal, mechanical seal installed in packing chamber, packing gland with mechanical seal.

3, eccentric shaft installed in the pump body, impeller and shaft for surplus, on the surface of the liquid ring vacuum pump ends the total clearance by the pump body and the distribution plate (disc) between the pad to adjust, by the front end position when it is assembled to first determine the single side clearance, impeller and distribution board (disc) the size of the side clearance of the leakage of the gas (exhaust cavity to the suction chamber leak) have great influence, for pump impeller diameter greater than 500 mm, the single side clearance should be controlled between 0.25 ~ 0.35, the total clearance on both ends is between 0.5 ~ 0.7.

4, in front and rear distribution plate (disc) are equipped with intake, exhaust crescent shaped holes and oval exhaust holes, and installed with the valve plate components, the valve plate is the role of when the gas pressure between the impeller blades reach the exhaust pressure, in the crescent exhaust outlet before the gas, reduce the gas pressure is too large and increase the power consumption.

When we go to use a liquid ring vacuum pump, will often do some related structure understanding. Based on its composition, we will do some reasonable operations on the device, and based on its structure, we can better explain why such a device works so well.

Liquid ring vacuum pump

Molded fiber formulation

I’ve been told that making molded fiber parts is more art than art, but that’s what I’ve learned so far.

480g liquid (more than 2 cups)
40 grams of shredded newspaper
Treatment (experimental)

1. Combine liquid and chopped newspaper in an old pot (hereafter used only for industrial processes)

2. Heat on medium-low heat for 20 minutes. You can check the temperature using a (candy) thermometer. I find 65C (150F) works well. I’ve tried higher temperatures, but they don’t seem to improve much. Plus it shrunk my PLA mold! Oh dear!

3. I use an old blender to blend the ingredients. I mix a lot. I’ve read that pulp should look like oatmeal, but it’s proving hard to shape.

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