Central vacuum system for meat processing

With the change of social consumption habits and the improvement of food safety, vacuum technology is more and more widely used in the field of packaging and food processing. Food processing covers a wide range of applications, and vacuum is often used for different characteristics.

Meat processing is equipped with a central vacuum system, which can be used to supply vacuum to 30 packaging lines in multiple plants. This is the safest and most economical vacuum solution.

In the design of the system, the packaging cycle of all 30 thermoforming packaging lines is shortened as much as possible. In order to achieve the fastest working cycle, the system is divided into two steps to extract air from the packaging cavity. That is to say, a part of the central vacuum system is composed of a coarse vacuum pump group, which pre pumps the air pressure in the packaging cavity to 50 mbar, then switches to the medium vacuum pump group through the valve, and finally reduces the pressure to 2 to 3 mbar. This is not only the fastest way to reach the ultimate pressure in the packaging, but also the most efficient way. The reason for the high economy lies in the use of a relatively small oil lubricated vane vacuum pump in the coarse vacuum stage. In the middle vacuum pump group, the frequency conversion control good Cade roots vacuum pump is used as the booster pump, which will start only when the pressure in the packaging cavity reaches the rough vacuum area.

At the same time, the system also provides 160 mbar vacuum for vacuum thermoforming equipment. The function of the vacuum is to pump the bottom material of the package into a shape of a package tray.

In the design of the central vacuum system, the expandable design is adopted, so that with the further increase of production capacity, the system can also “grow together”. After expansion, the central vacuum system consists of 18 oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps and roots vacuum pumps. Vacuum for 30 lines.


That means 56% energy savings. Through the control programming of the central vacuum system, the single vacuum pump group can be started or stopped according to the demand.

The distance between each packaging line and the central vacuum system is within 400m. A total of 1300 meters of PVC pipe network is laid in the plant area to supply coarse vacuum, medium vacuum and forming vacuum.

The maintenance of equipment by technicians will not affect the normal production. Because a single vacuum pump group can be separated from the vacuum pipe network and connected after maintenance. And the maintenance personnel do not need to enter the production site, which is a major health advantage for food production enterprises. Another advantage of centralized vacuum supply is that the heat generated by vacuum pump will not diffuse into the low-temperature production and packaging workshop. In this way, the energy consumption of temperature regulation in the workshop is significantly reduced.

Food processing refers to all the technological processes that transform raw materials into food or food into other forms, such as making clean agricultural products or slaughtered livestock into attractive, suitable for sale and long-term food products. Similar processing technology is also applicable to the production of animal feed.

Food processing covers a wide range of applications, for a variety of special requirements often used to the central vacuum system.

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