water ring vacuum pump with air water separator

After the gas and some water discharged from the water ring vacuum pump enter the gas-water separator, the water flows to the lower part of the separator, and the gas is separated and discharged through the exhaust pipe of the separator.

For water ring compressor, separator is necessary equipment. Its main function is to separate the gas discharged from the exhaust pipe of the pump from the water, and make the separated gas flow to the equipment requiring gas pressure. In addition, some air-water separators also supply cooling water to the pump.

For the water ring vacuum pump, the gas-water separator may not be used. However, if the liquid ring used in the vacuum pump is to be recycled for recycling (for example, in order to avoid waste, there is a recycling value or harmful, toxic liquid ring), or in the case of no running water, that is, when the water source of the make-up water in the pump is cut off, the gas-water separator must be installed to supply water to the vacuum pump.

In addition, the separator can also eliminate the noise generated when the water ring vacuum pump is running, so it is also called the isolator.

The difference between the equipment for vacuum pump and that for compressor only lies in the difference between the gas-water separator

(1) The pressure of the former is equal to atmospheric pressure (the exhaust pipe is directly connected to the atmosphere), and the top of the separator is flat, which makes the manufacturing process simple; the pressure in the latter is equal to a certain required exhaust pressure, and the top of the separator is spherical, so as to increase the strength of bearing the gas pressure.

(2) The overflow system is different. The overflow system of air-water separator for vacuum pump is a common drain pipe. When the water level of the separator exceeds the level line of the overflow pipe, the water will be discharged through the drain pipe to maintain the fixed water level in the device. The overflow system of the air-water separator for compressor is a float regulating valve. The float is hollow inside the float. When the water in the device overflows the float, the float floats upward with a special screw as the shaft The core is rotated with the rocker connected with the bolt. The right end of the rocker is connected with one end of the stationary screw, while the other end of the stationary screw is embedded in a groove of the sleeve. When the rocker rotates downward, the stationary screw drives the sleeve to rotate on the outer circle of the overflow switch. At this time, the hole on the sleeve is gradually connected with the hole on the overflow switch, so the water flows out of the pipe along the overflow pipe through the hole.

Then the water level gradually drops, and the float also drops, driving the rocker to move in the opposite direction, and the hole on the sleeve is gradually staggered with the hole on the overflow switch until the water level drops below the float level. When the float is in the horizontal position, the above two holes are completely staggered and isolated from each other, and the water in the separator stops overflowing outwards. From the above working principle, it can be seen that even if the water level in the separator is lower than the horizontal line of the overflow pipe, the gas can not flow out of the separator through the overflow system (and the overflow pipe of the gas water separator for vacuum pump can let the gas pass through the discharge), so that the pressure and gas volume of the gas will not be lost, which is exactly what the compressor requires during operation.

water ring vacuum pump with air water separator

Generally, there are four types of working system of air-water separator of water ring vacuum pump:

(1) The working liquid is directly discharged from the gas water separator. This is a widely used form. This form is often used when the make-up water is tap water and the gas is air. Sometimes, in order to observe the water level before starting the pump through the liquid level gauge, it is also commonly used to connect the pump and separator.

(2) The pressure difference between the separator and the suction pipe of the pump is used to make the working fluid be used in closed circulation. Note that at this time, the working fluid from the separator shall enter the pump from the suction pipe of the pump, and it is impossible to enter the pump through the pipe. In order to reduce the working fluid temperature, a cooler shall be set in the pipeline.

(3) The working fluid is closed and recycled by means of pump pressurization. As the working fluid enters from the suction pipe of the water ring vacuum pump, the performance will be reduced, so the pump can be used to pressurize, so that the working fluid enters the water ring vacuum pump directly from the pump body or the side cover.

(4) In order to recover the gas dissolved in the working liquid as much as possible, a low-pressure separator can be set beside the separator. After the gas-liquid separation, the working liquid enters the low-pressure separator. Because of the low air pressure, the gas dissolved in the working liquid is released, and then enters the water ring vacuum pump from the suction pipe. This form can be used when acetylene gas is compressed.

The gas-water separator is equipped with a tap water supply pipe for supplying water to the separator and a ball valve. The water supply pipe of the stuffing box is also connected with the water pipe.

The intake pipe in front of the vacuum pump is equipped with a gate valve to adjust the air volume or vacuum degree. In order to prevent the water in the pump from flowing to the intake pipe under the pressure of the exhaust pipe during shutdown, a check valve can be installed.

When the compressor is used, in order to adjust the pressure of the gas in the exhaust pipe, a gate valve can be installed on the exhaust pipe of the gas water separator.

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