buying right water ring vacuum pump

What should be considered when purchasing water ring vacuum pump

You must be familiar with the water ring vacuum pump. It plays an important role in our production and life. As the core of a production project, it is also the basis of production. Its efficient use plays a crucial role. Before use, its purchase is a thing that you must face. If you can’t purchase the appropriate equipment, it is a kind of injury to the equipment itself Harm, is not conducive to the production, or even the possibility of accidents, so the following EVP water ring vacuum pump manufacturers tell you which aspects should be considered when purchasing:

1. First of all, it should be clear about the layout of the device, topography, water level conditions, operation, economic scheme comparison and other aspects of the actual situation.

2. Consider the type of water ring vacuum pump, horizontal, vertical or other types

3. According to the nature of liquid medium, clean water pump, hot water pump return pump, chemical pump or corrosion-resistant pump or impurity pump shall be determined, or non blocking pump shall be adopted. If the pump is installed in the explosion area, the explosion-proof motor shall be used according to the explosion area level.

4. Considering the amount of vibration, it is divided into: pneumatic, electric (electric divided into 220V voltage and 380V voltage).

5. Consider the flow size, choose single suction pump or double suction pump.

6. According to the height of lift, single-stage pump or multi-stage pump, high-speed pump or low-speed pump (air conditioning pump) and multi-stage pump have lower efficiency than single-stage pump. When single-stage pump and multi-stage pump are both available, single-stage pump should be selected.

7. Considering the selection of specific model of pump, after the selection of what series of pump is adopted, the specific model can be determined on the type spectrum or series characteristic curve according to the two main performance parameters of the maximum flow and the head after enlarging 5% – 10% margin.

Through a full understanding of the equipment operation site, we can know the size and nature of the parameters required by the equipment, and then select the appropriate equipment model according to these, the flow size, head height, etc. can only be matched. The above is about the water ring vacuum pump to consider when purchasing, I hope it can help you.


buying right water ring vacuum pump

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