Mining and construction vacuum pumps

Mining and construction

Compressor application

Pneumatic tools
Compressed air is used as a sparkless medium to drive tools into mines.

Compressed air is used as a safe medium in large blasting operations in the construction industry.

Products of liquefied
Compressed air is mixed with products such as cinders to produce liquefaction. Thus, these products are more suitable for material handling and transportation.

Reverse jet filtration cleaning
Compressed air is used for reverse air jet cleaning to extend service life and reduce downtime while keeping filters clean.

The ventilation system
Compressed air is used to ensure the safe operation of ventilation systems in hazardous mine environments.

Fan and vacuum applications

Methane gas extraction
Use fan and liquid ring vacuum pumps to remove methane gas from underground coal mine basins.
A positive displacement fan is used to provide the necessary ventilation to the coal mine.

Mining and construction vacuum pumps

Mining and construction vacuum pumps

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