Dry vacuum pump for crystallization process

Compared with the wet vacuum drying system, the dry vacuum pump has the advantages of lower energy consumption, higher production efficiency, full recovery of solvent, no large amount of waste water and waste gas in the production process, and can effectively reduce the production cost of chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises, which is also helpful for environmental protection. Here is the application of dry vacuum pump in the crystallization process of API:

Crystallization is the process of solid crystal precipitation from homogeneous solution, which generally includes three processes: supersaturated solution formation, nucleation and seed formation. From the current production of chemical APIs, the main problems are incomplete crystallization, insufficient purity, poor or inconsistent crystal form, too long crystallization time, wall sticking and so on.

Process introduction: the penicillin sodium salt solution prepared in the previous process is fed into the crystallizing tank through the dry vacuum pump, and the water and butanol in the penicillin solution are pumped into the condenser and condensed into the collecting tank through the steam heating, agitator mixing and butanol adding in the vacuum state, which can be reused.


Process requirements:

1. The volume of crystallization tank is 7.5m3, and penicillin solution is added about 4.5m3 in the process.

2. Before entering the crystallization tank, the water content of penicillin solution is about 20%, and after crystallization, the water content is required to be about 1%.

3. The dry vacuum pump is fed for 2 hours, then added with butanol for 30 minutes, and then began to crystallize. The process requires rapid low temperature, and the lower the temperature, the better the quality of penicillin. The shorter the reaction time, the better.

4. Vacuum degree requirements: keep the vacuum degree above – 0.097mpa. High vacuum degree can reduce the reaction temperature and shorten the reaction time.

In addition to environmental protection and energy saving, it reduces reaction and distillation temperature, shortens reaction and distillation time, and improves purity by improving vacuum degree! Especially in the recovery of lysozyme of API, it improves the quality of medicine, realizes the recovery after the pump of lysozyme, and helps customers create real value!

The dry vacuum pump can completely replace the wet vacuum drying system (liquid ring vacuum pump plus air ejector) in the production process of API, which can effectively reduce energy consumption, save water resources, improve production efficiency and product quality, so as to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

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