Counter current cooling screw vacuum pump

The counter current cooling roots pump can run at a high speed of 1500 ~ 3000 revolutions per second without lubrication in the pump cavity. In addition, to keep the roots pump running smoothly at high speed, the rotor should be well balanced. There is no direct contact between the high-speed rotating rotors, between the rotors and the pump body, and there is a certain clearance between the moving parts.

Counter current cooling screw vacuum pump

Counter current cooling screw vacuum pump of maintenance and inspection:

Check the vacuum pump oil level, too much or too little oil will damage the bearing, often check the screw vacuum pump oil cleanliness. If the oil is found to be emulsified or blackened, it should be replaced immediately, and the motor current of the pump in operation is very unstable, which reflects the abnormal operation of the pump. At this time, it is necessary to check and improve immediately.

Check and replace the main and auxiliary oil tank lubricants and clean the air filter in three months, check the cooling water supply speed and pressure. In winter when the air temperature is lower than 4C, the cooling water must be drained out to prevent the water in the pipeline from freezing and damaging the screw vacuum pump.

screw vacuum pump

If possible, clean the pipe to ensure that the pipeline is smooth.

After the re assembly, it should be put into trial operation. Generally, it is necessary to run for 2 hours without air and change the oil twice, because a certain amount of volatile matter will be left in the screw vacuum pump during cleaning, and then put into normal operation after the operation is normal.

In addition, also need to check all pipelines and screw vacuum pump supply, and often check the pump internal surface, pump cavity, rotor for any rust, cracks. If so, it should be solved in time to prolong the service life of the equipment.

Countercurrent cooling screw vacuum pumps are widely used in vacuum refining, degassing, rolling, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, vacuum concentration and vacuum drying. Vacuum pump accessories are vacuum pump mufflers for vacuum pump noise management.

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