Voith vacuum pump

The operation of vacuum pump is reliable with low energy consumption

The vacuum pump supplied by Forit paper is not sensitive to liquid or pollutants, so it can meet the needs of harsh application environment.

Voith vacuum pump

The processing capacity of Voith vacuum pump is between 35 m3 / min (1250 CFM) and 470 m3 / min (16600 CFM). The bearing type design is firm and simple, so it can improve the operation reliability and system effectiveness. Double sided shafts for up to three pumps ensure flexible drive with one gear. In addition, the pump does not need to use any complicated gas-water separation system because it is not sensitive to liquid or dirt.

Voith’s pump products are specially designed to meet the needs of the paper industry and can be made of cast iron and stainless steel.

Voith vacuum pump of renovation

One of our customers’ jobs is to refurbish the Voith vacuum pump, which has been in use for many years and is beginning to wear out.

Both ends of the pump shell and inside of the flange face are seriously corroded; the purpose of operation is not ideal! The central blade has corroded all ways, and it gradually becomes thinner inside the casing.

The prime minister was asked to supervise all refurbishment in manufacturing and processing. This means carefully removing and replacing eroded parts. We started a large-scale mechanical operation on patients.
What we have done:

First, we drilled holes in the inner diameter of the flange at both ends of the casing body to eliminate all corrosion and allow the installation of stainless steel liners.

We then install stainless steel lining rings in the flange and drill back to the correct diameter and face them to match the existing flange face.

In order to deal with the eroded blades and perforations in the shell, the blades were machined to eliminate all erosion. We made a neat pocket through the perforation of the casing body, again completely removing any erosive material.

Then we made a new blade section that can be mounted inside and fixed on the outside through various ladder pockets and sealing compounds.

Finally, in order to improve the installation method of the casing end cover, we processed the casing cover tap, so that the stainless steel ring can be installed. This will allow the face and socket on the housing to align more effectively with the end of the housing.

We wiped the sweat on our brows and enjoyed the newly renovated water pump!

We are pleased to find that the improved pump is now in the best working condition. Our customers have assembled it without any problems and are happy with its new durability. Not only have we successfully eliminated all corrosion in the affected areas, we have also replaced the flange areas with more durable materials to improve and extend the pump life cycle.

We combine repairing the casing and replacing the internal blades to reduce costs for our customers. We also improved the mechanical connection between the casing body and the end cover. Our customers are very pleased that we can provide these services, not only to rejuvenate the original pump, but also to improve its design to make it longer and more effective.

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