Rotary vane vacuum pump in western medicine production

Rotary vacuum pump in western medicine production of application

Application of rotary vacuum pump in western medicine production. Vacuum pump cold drying technology in the production of traditional Chinese medicine is relatively late application, only used to dry the raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine or a single proprietary medicine, such as ginseng, deer antler, deer whip, deer tail, ganoderma, yam, gastrodia elata, medlar, frog oil, cordyceps sinensis, royal jelly and so on. Later Japan to take the medicine made in the western han, abandon the cook medicine pot, using Chinese medicine made in the western technology, proprietary Chinese medicines will be configured by dipping, extraction, filtration, concentration, vacuum freeze drying, and then made into powder, tablet, or injection, to solve the problems to eat Chinese traditional medicine, is not convenient to carry, has also changed the people to the Chinese traditional medicine treat chronic disease, not only to treat acute disease.

Rotary vane vacuum pump in western medicine production

Vacuum drying of rotary disc vacuum pump is based on the boiling temperature of liquid drops in vacuum, that is, liquid will evaporate even at low temperature. For example, in the pocket hole position, the liquid still exists after cleaning and is difficult to be removed by other methods, while vacuum drying can make it evaporate as quickly as the residual liquid on the surface of the workpiece.

Once the working chamber is occupied and sealed by the parts to be cleaned, a rotary disc vacuum pump is used to vacuum at a pressure of about 100 mbar. The cleaning medium is pumped to the working chamber through the water pump. The vacuum chamber ensures that the cleaning solution penetrates to the smallest cavity. For example, due to the spacing of the air, the jack cannot be ignored. There can be various steps in the subsequent cleaning process. The process usually involves soaking and spraying. Ultrasonic cleaning is sometimes used, and this process is usually followed by one or more cleaning cycles. When the cleaning fluid is removed, the actual vacuum drying process occurs. In this process, the pressure in the working chamber is further reduced after being pumped by the vane vacuum pump. At this time, the steam produced is sucked out of the rotary vane vacuum pump and transferred to the exhaust pipe.


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