screw vacuum pump for recover Acetone

According to the principle of acetone recovery and distillation, the used dirty solvent can be recycled and reused. (the new solvent is reduced by the equipment and put into the production process again to realize multiple recycling of the solvent, so as to save costs and achieve the purpose of environmental protection production.)

In the vacuum drying of vitamin B12 products of pharmaceutical enterprises, the effect of using water ring vacuum pump and dry screw vacuum pump is compared. Today we will learn about the efficiency difference between the two vacuum pumps in acetone recovery.

In the production process of vitamin B12, the crude drug is concentrated under reduced pressure, and the solvent of wet material is acetone. In the original acetone recovery, the traditional water ring vacuum pump is used to separate acetone gas and feed liquid in the gas-liquid separator. Because acetone is easily soluble in water, both of them need to be treated, which leads to not only insufficient recovery of solvent acetone in the recovery process, but also the need for enterprises to treat waste water, which increases the operating cost of enterprises and challenges the environmental protection.

However, after the application of dry screw vacuum pump, the vacuum pump will not pollute the acetone gas. A condensation system can be set at the exhaust side of the vacuum pump to realize the efficient condensation and recovery of acetone, without the sewage treatment problem of water ring pump.


The recovery rate of acetone in dry screw vacuum pump is higher than that in traditional water ring vacuum pump, which can effectively reduce the production cost in material and wastewater treatment.

Dry screw vacuum pumps can minimize the impact on the environment. They have all the advantages of dry pumps, including low energy consumption, low power cost, flexible vacuum as low as 10-3 mbar, no process steam or cooling water pollution, and no waste water.

What are the advantages of screw vacuum pump for acetone recovery?

1. High temperature resistance; moderate pressure and flow;

2. Very low power consumption, small size, long service life;

3. No oil, no pollution of working medium, maintenance free, 24-hour continuous operation, installation in any direction;

The application of dry screw vacuum pump in the chemical industry provides rapid air extraction and excellent control functions, which can achieve the best performance in a variety of applications, including distillation, drying, evaporation, reactor service, room vacuum, solvent recovery, crystallization and filtration.

See here, I believe you have a knowledge of the application of screw vacuum pump in acetone recovery. It plays an important role in our pharmaceutical production. In the actual operation process, customers should purchase corresponding products according to their own needs and strength. Only the appropriate equipment is the most appropriate equipment, which can help them. Welcome new and old customers to buy our products.

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