Air blower for packing machines

blower for packaging machine of Installation

1. Be familiar with various technical requirements of the manual before installation, and check whether the attached accessories are complete and whether various technical documents are complete.

2. Carry out preliminary inspection on the blower. In the process of logistics transportation or after long-term storage, the inorganic parts are damaged, whether there are sundries falling into the fan flow channel, whether there is corrosion, etc., and then use tools to turn the fan main shaft or the fan motor rear fan blade to see whether the rotation is flexible and whether there is rubbing sound. Otherwise, the fault should be eliminated first.

Air blower for packing machines

3. According to the foundation drawing, the anchor bolts shall be installed, and the horizontal plane shall be corrected to prevent excessive inclination.

4. The pipe diameter should be slightly larger than the fan outlet diameter (the ratio of pipe diameter to fan outlet diameter is 1.1:1), and the pipe length should be shortened as far as possible, and the elbow angle should be greater than 90 degrees. It is not allowed to use right angle T-joint. All joints of the pipeline should be closed tightly without air leakage to reduce pressure loss. The weight of the pipeline shall not be supported by the fan, and forced connection between the fan and the pipeline is not allowed to prevent the increase of vibration and noise.

5. According to the characteristics of the blower, the regulating valve can be installed at the air inlet or outlet of the fan. For air volume and pressure adjustment.

6. In order to protect the fan motor, the current overload protection device should be installed.

7. Close the air inlet of the fan, try to start the fan, and check whether the rotation direction of the main shaft of the fan is correct. Then restart the fan. After normal operation, gradually open the regulating damper and adjust to the required operating point, but the motor current shall not exceed the rated value. If the required operating point is just the surge point of the fan, the operating point shall be properly adjusted to avoid the surge point, or other anti surge measures shall be taken.

Air blowerAir blowers

Air blower for packaging machine of application

1. Suction function: screen printing machine adsorption, welding waste gas absorption, weaving machine silk suction, photographic plate making, powder conveying, printing adsorption, industrial dust collection, vacuum dehydration, book making machine, residual cloth treatment, milk carton filling machine, tofu machinery, processing material maintenance, work site, ironing machine, gas decomposition.

2. Blowing function: gas heavy oil injection, bottle washing machine blow dry, paper cloth blowing, air knife for drying, air cushion of cutting machine, explosion gas of animal manure fermentation, Bill transportation, electrolyte mixing, taking molding products after stamping by punch machine, conveying powder particles, incinerating grate waste, gas blowing and sucking, car washing and drying, forced drying of printing machine, and air drying after cleaning.

3. Environmental engineering machinery, plastic machinery (dehumidification dryer), printing machinery (screen printing machine), photographic plate making, PCB equipment, electrical equipment, medical equipment, all kinds of burners, etc.

4. All air annular high-pressure blower is widely used in paper cutting machine, combustion oxygen reducing machine, cigarette filter shaping machine, electroplating bath solution mixing, atomizing dryer, water treatment aeration, screen printing machine, photographic plate making machine, injection molding machine, automatic feeding dryer, and can also be used as the gas source for industrial blowing and suction.

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