Dry Screw Vacuum Pump for Drug Drying

In some industrial fields, especially in metallurgy, chemistry, food and electronics, vacuum environment and vacuum containers are needed to achieve complete aseptic operation. At the same time, they are also carried out in vacuum environment, and the operation is more abundant. For example, to achieve high temperature heat treatment, for example, to achieve aseptic treatment. Drug drying is different from that of other general products. It must meet GMP requirements. Many drugs are sensitive to heat. The maximum heating temperature is strictly limited. Many drugs are not allowed to be heated and dried in air. Some synthetic drugs crystallize in organic solvents. In order to reduce product costs and protect the environment, the evaporated organic solvents should be recycled during drying. For example, the production scale of nutritional drugs such as vitamin C and amino acids is increasing, and the energy saving and drying of drugs can not be ignored. Dry screw vacuum pump manufacturers have developed and developed original drying equipment to meet strict drug drying requirements, from ensuring that the drying products are pollution-free, heat-sensitive, energy-saving and efficient, as well as the comprehensive requirements of organic solvent recovery. So what is the solution of screw vacuum pump for drug drying? Is this solution feasible?

Food and drugs in China need to be treated in absolute vacuum to achieve sterile disinfection and drying. In this process, it is obvious that a screw vacuum pump is needed, which can achieve drying, sterile processing, and create a better atmosphere so that food and medicine can be stored for a relatively long time, so it is widely accepted in these areas.

Dry screw vacuum pump is a pumping device, which uses a pair of screw to perform the suction and discharge function produced by synchronous high-speed reverse rotation in the pump housing. It is an updated product of oil seal vacuum pump, which can remove a large amount of water vapor, and a small amount of dust gas is widely used in domestic pharmaceutical, chemical and semiconductor industries which need high clean vacuum requirements.


Dry screw vacuum pump advantages :

1. The working chamber and the surface of the screw rotor are coated with anticorrosive coating, which can adapt to the harsh working environment.

2. The gas will not vent in the pump, so it is suitable for extracting condensable gas.

3. No oil consumption, no drip;

4. The structure is simple and easy to maintain.

5. Pumping gas is directly discharged from the pump body, which does not pollute the water body, has no environmental protection pressure, and has fast gas recovery.

The reason why dry screw vacuum pump is chosen to dry medicine is that it can pre-freeze the dried water solution in the drying chamber to the lowest eutectic point of the solution, so that the product can be completely frozen, and then vacuum cleaned, using ice sublimation. The properties make ice sublimate directly to gas, and the dry product is stable and loose in texture. After adding water, it dissolves quickly and restores the original characteristics of the liquid. At the same time, the product is light in weight, small in volume, low in water content, and will not deteriorate after long-term storage.

Vacuum equipment products have become one of the essential basic components of vacuum engineering, with large quantity and wide area. Dry screw vacuum pump is a vacuum acquisition device. In recent years, the development of vacuum pump is more and more restricted by its application. The traditional vacuum system can not meet the requirements of clean, oil-free and corrosion-resistant, and is gradually replaced by oil-free clean vacuum acquisition system. Dry screw vacuum pumps belong to this category. Oil-free, dry vacuum pump, internal compression screw vacuum pump can significantly reduce the driving energy.

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