Dry screw vacuum pump user manual

Dry screw vacuum pump of overview

This dry vacuum pump uses the pressure generated by two screw rotors to discharge the suction gas. The outline of the two screw rotors is a multi-stage curve, which can maintain a certain gap between the rotor and the rotor, and between the rotor and the shell so as to run smoothly.

The pressure of the inhaled gas is steadily higher than that of the discharged gas. This design makes the exhaust gas free of oily substances. The power of the motor is transmitted to the driving shaft through the coupling device, and the main rotating shaft is transmitted to the driven shaft through the timing gear.

Dry screw vacuum pump construction

Screw rotor
The screw rotor is made of high-grade spherical graphite cast steel. It is precisely manufactured by special numerical control equipment and verified by accurate dynamic balance test.

Timing gear
The timing gear is one of the most important parts of the screw pump, which can maintain a fixed gap between the screw rotor and the rotor. After heat vulcanization, the gear surface is polished with special high precision gear polishing equipment to reduce noise.

The fixed end bearing is a centripetal thrust ball bearing, and the extended end bearing is a high load roller bearing. These bearings are able to withstand high-speed and high load operation, while maintaining accurate clearance with the gear and rotor.

Shaft seal
The sealing equipment is composed of double lip seal and mechanical seal of exhaust end air box. These sealing devices prevent oil substances from entering the housing from the front end plate. The front cover end of driving shaft is sealed by oil seal.

Oil gauge
The oil gauge is at the front cover end, and the oil should be added above the red mark. If the oil volume is too small, the bearing, gear and mechanical seal will be damaged due to abnormal friction. Therefore, when the pump is not working, please check the oil quantity and oil pollution to decide whether to increase or change the lubricating oil.

The oil will be evenly distributed with the rotation of the timing gears and will lubricate the bearings and mechanical seals.

Dry screw vacuum pump user manual

Dry screw vacuum pump user manual

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