Environmental requirements of vacuum process

What are the environmental requirements of conventional vacuum process? We will follow the water ring vacuum pump manufacturers to understand today.

The so-called conventional vacuum process refers to the vacuum process without special requirements. This kind of vacuum device (equipment) requires vacuum sanitation:

(1) All parts of vacuum equipment in vacuum shall be free from accumulated pollution sources, dust, iron chips and rust;

(2) The surface of the vacuum chamber of the vacuum equipment shall be smooth, free from soft tissue, porosity, internal weld and other defects affecting the vacuum;

(3) In the high vacuum equipment, the moving parts in the vacuum chamber shall not be lubricated by engine oil, but by diffusion pump oil and silicone oil with saturated vapor pressure reduced; the sealing parts of flange and observation window shall be coated with high vacuum grease;

(4) Generally, vacuum equipment should work in a clean air circulation environment with a temperature of 15-30 ℃ and a relative humidity of not more than 70%. The temperature of cooling water inlet water should not be higher than 25 ℃.

Environmental requirements of electric vacuum process

In addition to good mechanical and processing properties, the structural materials of electric vacuum should also meet the requirements of other properties, such as easy degassing, low saturated vapor pressure, certain chemical stability, certain purity and cleanliness, and appropriate radiation ability. Therefore, the electric vacuum process is special, and the cleaning requirements are very strict, so the pollution of parts should be removed or reduced to the maximum extent.

Environmental requirements of vacuum coating process

It is very important to clean the surface of substrate (substrate) in vacuum coating process. The substrate should be cleaned carefully before entering the coating chamber to achieve the purpose of oil removal, decontamination and dehydration. Substrate surface pollution comes from various kinds of dust, polishing paste, grease, perspiration, etc. adhered to parts in the process of processing, transmission and packaging; oxide film formed on the surface of parts in humid air; gas absorbed and adsorbed on the surface of parts. Basically, these pollutants can be removed by degreasing or chemical cleaning.


Environmental requirements of vacuum process

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