paper making vacuum pump

paper making vacuum pump is very important for papermaking. They contribute to paper formation and dehydration, press performance, blanket conditioning and general machine efficiency. Paper vacuum pump includes several subsystems for vacuum control, air/water separation and sealing water management of vacuum pump.

Generally, papermaking machines need little attention in the vacuum process. However, these systems tend to evolve into performance-degrading processes. As a result, dehydration capacity is often reduced, which has a direct and negative impact on the efficiency and operating costs of paper machines.

We provide reliable vacuum pumps, compressors and engineering systems for dewatering papermaking and paper machines. Our products need minimal maintenance, even in the industry demanding conditions, can also make your process run smoothly.


Headbox Compressor and Vacuum Pump

The headbox compressor/vacuum pump used in the “air-filled” headbox will generate a pressure/vacuum higher than the level of the storage tank (or “pond” level) in the headbox, thus ultimately controlling the speed of pulp leaving the headbox (“jet” speed) to the moving wire. Our liquid ring pumps are usually configured to serve as both vacuum pumps and compressors through a series of valves. They create vacuum or pressure in the voids above the level of the pool to control the static head in the headbox.

Ozone Compression in Pulp Bleaching

Ozone has been developed as an oxidant to bleach pulp as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chlorine-based methods. Ozone is ideal for this method because it is an unstable gas that degrades rapidly into oxygen after bleaching, leaving clean pulp free of harmful chemicals. It also reduces pollution of the air and water supply.

In this application, our liquid ring compressor is used to compress ozone gas for mixing with pulp. The liquid ring compressor has isothermal compression characteristics, which will not cause thermal degradation of temperature-sensitive ozone gas.

Paper Machine Forming Part-Dehydration

Our vacuum pump is used in the entire forming part of the paper machine to remove water from the pulp and form a sheet of paper. In the forming part, different levels of vacuum are applied to the flat box and the horizontal roll to remove a large amount of water.


Vacuum in Press Section of Paper Machine

Delivery roll

The paper suction roll and transfer roll use vacuum to transfer paper from the forming part to the pressing part, and guide paper from one blanket to another blanket in the pressing part.

Suction press

The suction press uses mechanical action to extract water from paper. In the pressing section, rollers covered with large granite or hard rubber are placed in close contact to form a “pressing zone”. When the paper passes through the pressing area, water is squeezed out of the paper and into the pressing blanket, thus conveying and buffering the paper as it passes through the pressing section. Press can have suction rollers or non-suction rollers to help dehydration.

Uhle box

Once the pressing action occurs, the pressing fabric (or “felt”) will contain a mixture of water and chemicals. Other pollutants in paper. Since each felt is a continuous loop, water and contaminants must be removed before the next press operation. The oil suction tank is a fixed oil suction tank, which spans the width of felt and extracts water and pollutants accumulated in felt during pressing. Each felt can have at most two felt boxes. In all applications, pre-separation is required to prevent process water from being brought into the vacuum pump.

Vacuum filtration – pulp and pulp

Vacuum pumps are used in brown pulp cleaners, lime and mud pre-coated filters, residue filters, and vacuum pumps to vacuum inside rotating drum filters to remove a certain proportion of liquids from pulp, pulp or other filters.

Our reputation in the paper industry is well known and hard earned. The reason is simple – our paper making vacuum pump and systems are proven to help your mill produce quality paper at a lower cost.

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