Vacuum pump in semiconductor industry

The main materials of solar panels in electronics, semiconductor and solar industries are “Silicon”, which is one of the abundant materials on our planet. Crystalline silicon solar panels: polycrystalline silicon solar cells, monocrystalline silicon solar cells.

EVP vacuum pump and vacuum unit are widely used in various fields of solar panel production, including: monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon growth furnace, solar panel cutting, solar vacuum lamination and other electronic semiconductor vacuum applications, including bulb exhaust, capacitance, integrated crystal tube circuit, LCD display production, etc.

Vacuum system is widely used in semiconductor industry. Next, we will introduce the content of vacuum system.

vacuum system Introduction:

Through the design of vacuum system, in a single production machine, more single pumps are replaced by several larger vacuum pumps. The automatic frequency conversion control system is configured through the main and branch pipes of the air tank and connected to the production machine. The vacuum supply is fully automatic according to the production requirements, energy saving, low cost, convenient maintenance and stable performance. The noise level in the working area of employees is greatly reduced to meet the technical requirements of the semiconductor industry.

Vacuum pump application part:

1. The production vacuum is mainly to reduce the air in the working space through high vacuum and keep the working space clean. The main types of vacuum pump used include dry pump (dry screw vacuum pump, claw pump), molecular pump and its device. The number of vacuum equipment used in production is large and the power is small.

2. Cleaning vacuum mainly uses the difference between negative pressure and atmospheric pressure to clean or transport liquid or particles. For these applications, water ring pumps and multistage centrifugal fans are mainly used. Because of the low vacuum, multi-stage centrifugal fan is usually used, and the vacuum source is a part of the system.

3. Process vacuum mainly adopts negative pressure adsorption or clamping of workpiece handling. Screw vacuum pump, claw vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump and other dry vacuum pumps are common vacuum equipment in process vacuum.

Composition of vacuum system: vacuum pump + control system + air tank + pipeline installation


Safety precautions for semiconductor vacuum pump application:

1. To prevent the vacuum pump from overheating:

Too high temperature of vacuum pump will affect vacuum degree and exhaust volume, and have a direct impact on production. In the application of semiconductor in vacuum pump, there are many harmful gases. Whether it is dry vacuum pump or oil sealed mechanical pump, the temperature in the pump cavity is too high, and the flammable, explosive and toxic gases will easily be dangerous under high temperature.

2. Semiconductor vacuum pump can effectively dilute the concentration of harmful gas:

Semiconductor is easy to produce the flammable, explosive and toxic harmful gases mentioned above. Therefore, in the application of semiconductor vacuum pump, when extracting these media, it is necessary to prevent them from some uncontrollable reactions in the vacuum pump or in the exhaust process.

For example, SiH4, PH3, AsH3, B2H6 and other substances will cause combustion or even explosion when they are in contact with air or oxygen; when the mixing ratio of hydrogen in air reaches a certain degree and temperature, combustion will also occur. These all depend on the quantity of the substance and the relationship with the pressure and temperature of the environment. Therefore, when the semiconductor vacuum pump extracts these media, it needs to use inert gas such as nitrogen to dilute these gases to the safe range under the current conditions before compression

3. Note the oxygen concentration of vacuum pump:

If the concentration of oxygen in the air is too high, there will be a risk of combustion and explosion. Therefore, in some cases, it is necessary to pay attention to the concentration of oxygen, and use inert gas to dilute to prevent the concentration from being too high; it is assumed that the oil seal mechanical pump may also need to use some inert oxygen compatible vacuum pump oil, and timely replace the oil filter and oil products.

4. Clean the vacuum pump and other accessories, filters and pipes regularly to avoid overpressure:

In the application of semiconductor vacuum pump, the components of the medium may be extremely complex after passing through the reaction chamber and vacuum pump during the process of medium extraction, such as SiH4 and O2 forming SiO2 at the pump port, TiCl4 hydrolysis will form HCl; assuming that it is an oil sealed mechanical pump, these gas substances may also be biochemical reaction with the pump oil. These changes assume that the formation of particles, condensable substances or corrosive media may block the vacuum pump or pipeline system, affect the performance of the vacuum pump, resulting in pressure rise or overpressure, which is more dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to clean it in time and set up filtering equipment when necessary.

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