Water ring vacuum pump for sale

Water ring vacuum pump structure description

Description of water ring vacuum pump structure: water ring vacuum pump is composed of pump body, front and rear end cover, impeller, shaft and other parts. And parts and parts are complementary to each other, less than a water ring vacuum pump will be paralyzed, then we will look at a water ring vacuum pump structure in detail:
The inlet pipe and exhaust pipe are connected to the pump chamber through the suction hole and exhaust hole mounted on the circular disc on the end cover. The impeller of the water ring vacuum pump is fixed on the shaft with keys and installed in the pump body eccentrically. The total clearance at both ends of the pump is adjusted by the pad between the pump body and the disc. The clearance between the impeller and the front and rear disc is adjusted by the impeller driven by the shaft sleeve. The clearance at both ends is guaranteed to be even. The shaft and impeller are interference fit, and the clearance is determined by the front end positioning. The clearance between the two end faces of the impeller and the front and rear disc determines the loss and ultimate pressure of the gas flowing from the inlet to the exhaust in the pump chamber.
Water ring vacuum pump packing is installed in two end covers. Sealing water enters the packing through the holes in the end cover to cool the packing and enhance the sealing effect. The supplementary water needed for the impeller to form the water ring is supplied by the water supply pipe, which can also be connected with the steam separator for circulating water supply. If the seal is a mechanical seal, the mechanical seal is installed in the packing chamber, no packing is required, replace the packing gland with a mechanical seal gland, the rest of the structure is the same.
The water ring vacuum pump bearing is fixed on the shaft by the circular nut. The end cover is provided with a circular disc, which is provided with suction hole, exhaust hole and rubber ball valve. The role of rubber ball valve is when the gas pressure between the impeller blade to exhaust pressure, before the exhaust port will be discharged, feed the power consumption due to excessive gas pressure, reduce the power consumption.

Water ring vacuum pump product display

Water ring vacuum pump for sale

Product parameters

Curve No. Model Max. suction capacity Ultimate vacuum
Motor power
Operating liquidflow rate
m3/min m3/h
60V 2BV2-060 0.45 27 33mbar
0.81 2840 2.5 62 37
61V 2BV2-061 0.86 52 1.45 2840 2.5 65 41
70V 2BV2-070 1.33 80 2.35 2860 3 66 66
71V 2BV2-071 1.83 110 3.85 2880 4.7 72 85
110V 2BV5-110 2.75 165 4 1440 7.2 63 120
111V 2BV5-111 3.83 230 5.5 1440 8.8 68 150
121V 2BV5-121 4.66 280 7.5 1440 11 69 210
131V 2BV5-131 6.66 400 11 1460 16 73 280
161V 2BV5-161 8.33 500 15 970 22 74 390
110V 2BV6-110 2.75 165 4 1440 67 63 150
111V 2BV6-111 3.83 230 5.5 1440 10 68 200
121V 2BV6-121 4.66 280 7.5 1440 12 69 230
131V 2BV6-131 6.66 400 11 1460 17 73 315
161V 2BV6-161 8.33 500 15 970 23 74 426


water ring vacuum pump assembly material


2BV water ring vacuum pump equipment installation:

1. Installation of water ring vacuum pump:

When installing water ring vacuum pump and compressor, the mounting surface must be horizontal and installed firmly with bolts through the holes in the bottom corner. In order to prevent welding slag into the vacuum pump during installation, the filter should be installed on the suction pipe.

2. Installation of water-ring vacuum pump air-water separator:

The water ring vacuum pump gas-water separator can be directly installed on the air outlet of the water ring vacuum pump and fixed firmly with bolts. The gas-water separator has a pipeline connected to the pump to supply water demand for the water-ring vacuum pump. The rest of the working water is supplied by the water supply pipe, and the water supply is adjusted by the valve on the pipeline.

The water ring vacuum pump or compressor shall have a check valve on the intake pipe to prevent the water in the vacuum pump or compressor from returning to the system under the pressure of the exhaust pipe during parking.

2BV water ring vacuum pump operation and maintenance:

1, 2BV water ring vacuum pump in order to avoid wear impeller, pump body or stuck impeller, with the gas and working fluid into the pump chamber of dust particles, can be washed away through the 2BV water ring vacuum pump pump at the bottom of the rinse port.
2, if using hard water as working fluid, must be softened, or in a certain period of time with the solution to clean the pump.
3, 2 bv water ring type vacuum pump motor often work bearing high than the surrounding temperature 15 ℃ ~ 20 ℃, the highest does not allow more than 55 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, the normal work of bearing loading should be 1-2 times a year, cleaning bearing at least once a year, and replace all lubricating oil.
4, 2BV type water ring vacuum pump mechanical seal, leakage phenomenon, should check the mechanical seal of the dynamic and static ring is damaged, or the sealing ring has been aging, such as the above situation, need to replace new parts.

2BV water ring vacuum pump fault and elimination method:

1. Quality requirements and technical standards: the products are manufactured and inspected in strict accordance with national standards.
2. Standard equipment: the product shall be issued with inspection certificate and product operation manual.
3. Product quality maintenance: the product is guaranteed for one year from the date of delivery.
4. Packing standard: standard wooden case packing.
5. Technical support and consultation: the company provides 24-hour hotline consultation service.

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