How using liquid ring vacuum pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump notes on the use

Using liquid ring vacuum pump needs pay attention to the water, as a kind of very common working fluid or coolant, it in the normal operation of liquid ring vacuum pump also plays an indispensable role in the process, and in the liquid ring vacuum pump, it can be application in cycles, but also pay attention to some details of learning demand, ability to prevent don’t want to bother.

Below we come to a detailed understanding of the use of liquid ring vacuum pump working fluid to understand the problem: working fluid in circulation, adhere to no impurities can be used, the need for recycling water tank and cooling, the general working water temperature proposal in 15-25℃, too high water temperature will affect the performance of the pump equipment, such as vacuum and pumping capacity.
Liquid ring vacuum pump, ordinary to add equipment cooling, more important is the on-site process, temperature control, most of the industry is in fact recycled water repeated use, not waste, if water can be used, but the circulation pipeline must be installed, usually, liquid ring vacuum pump working fluid should choose industrial soft water. Liquid ring vacuum pump at work on the water temperature and water quality is a certain request, mainly to prevent corrosion of internal impeller and other components.

There is also the creation of the vacuum can be pure, ordinary pumps are recycled use of water so that can save resources. Try to choose the industrial soft water, so as to avoid the damage of equipment, and then can better reach the purpose of using water repeatedly, to achieve the purpose of environmental protection, to save resources. Two-stage liquid ring vacuum pump is the operation of the staff in the use of liquid ring vacuum pump working fluid to understand the problem, we in the circulation of working fluid, must ensure that the working fluid and liquid ring vacuum pump equipment internal cleaning, can not show the phenomenon of equipment scaling, to achieve the effect of energy saving.

In addition to the first b-a type ultra-high vacuum gauge, the full-pressure side gauge of the ultra-high vacuum system has also developed many extremely high vacuum gauges, such as cold cathode magnetron gauge, suppression gauge and bend gauge. But for many studies, total stress data alone are not enough. For example, adsorption, condensation and desorption processes in a vacuum system involve the interaction between the surface of the container and the material and residual gas molecules in the system. The data of gas composition and partial pressure in the system are more illustrative than the data of full pressure. Gas analysis and partial pressure measurements under vacuum conditions are usually performed by dynamic mass spectrometers. In the medium to be transported, if there are solid particles, the pump inlet to add a filter: if there are ferromagnetic particles, need to add a magnetic filter. The ambient temperature of the liquid ring vacuum pump in use should be less than 40℃, and the motor temperature rise should not exceed 75℃. After 1000 hours of normal operation, the magnetic pump should be removed to check the wear of the bearing and end ring, and replace the vulnerable parts that are not suitable for reuse. For the transport fluid is the medium that is easy to precipitate and crystallized, it should be cleaned in time after use to drain the accumulated fluid in the pump. Vacuum pump must always keep clean, vacuum pump must not place other things, must not block the vacuum pump around the channel, for maintenance and operation; Often pay attention to the tension of the triangle belt, to adjust; Always pay attention to whether there is leakage at the joint of each pipe, and whether the pre-vacuum inside the box has decreased, otherwise timely maintenance; Pay attention to whether the cooling water is smooth; Every start should be started intermittently 4-6 times, within 2s each time, to overcome the large torque at start.

How using liquid ring vacuum pump

How using liquid ring vacuum pump

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