Liquid ring vacuum pump startup

How to start the liquid ring vacuum pump

After a long – term shutdown of the liquid ring vacuum pump before the start of the hand must be rotating the coupling ten days, to facilitate the confirmation of the liquid ring vacuum pump is not shut down the pump intake manifold valve, so what is the appropriate way to start?

Close the stop valve on the inlet manifold of the vacuum pump; If the exhaust steam pipe of the gas-water separator is equipped with a stop valve, it should also be closed; The cut-off valve on the supply pipe road supplying power to the omni-directional gas-water separator leaks to the overflow of the separation equipment from the water pipe height to width ratio; Start the motor when the water from the gas-water separator reaches the sea level where the overflow pipe scale requires the aspect ratio;

Open the stop valve on the exhaust steam pipe of the separation equipment; The ball valve is used to regulate the water flow of the separation equipment to the underwater concrete, so as to minimize the consumption of the rated power of the motor within the required technical range. Adjust the stop valve for water supply to the separation equipment to facilitate the minimum consumption of water flow to ensure the specified technical standards of the pump;

Adjust the water flow to the packing box to ensure the sealing of the packing box with at least water flow consumption. Mechanical pump in the limit of work, because of the physical effects of the pump and produce a burst, but the output power consumption is not expanded. When the crackling sound appears with the increase of output power consumption, the abnormal operation of the pump should be checked immediately.

How to set up the liquid ring vacuum pump pipeline?

1, the liquid ring vacuum pump discharge pipe and pipe joints should consider the maximum pressure acceptable.

2, liquid ring vacuum pump pipe layout should be arranged as far as possible into a straight pipe, try to reduce the accessories in the pipeline and minimize the length of the pipeline, when necessary to turn, the bending radius of the elbow should be 3 ~ 5 times the diameter of the pipe, the Angle as far as possible greater than 90℃.

3. The discharge side of the liquid ring vacuum pump must be equipped with valves (ball valves or globe valves, etc.) and reverse valves. The valve is used to regulate the pump’s operating point. The reverse valve prevents the pump from reversing when the liquid flows backwards and prevents the pump from being hit by the water hammer. (when the liquid flows backwards, there will be a huge reverse pressure, causing damage to the pump.)

Liquid ring vacuum pump startup

Liquid ring vacuum pump startup

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