Screw vacuum pump in vacuum packaging

The function of vacuum pump in vacuum packaging machine is particularly important. The quality of vacuum pump determines its pumping speed (pumping speed), which is the main factor directly affecting the production efficiency of the whole machine. Therefore, for vacuum packaging machine, the quality of vacuum pump determines the speed of work efficiency and the service life of the whole machine. Since it is so important, what kind of vacuum pump does vacuum packaging machine use?

Because of its own characteristics, screw vacuum pump is widely used in all walks of life, which is also relatively common in the vacuum packaging industry. Next, we will have a detailed understanding of the application of screw vacuum pump in vacuum packaging.

The vacuum package of screw vacuum pump is a kind of packaging method that vacuum the articles into the airtight container before the container is sealed with the vacuum pump system, so that the sealed container has no air inside the bottom. This kind of packaging can not only prevent the external moisture from entering the packaging container, but also prevent the moisture outside the closed moisture-proof packaging from condensing when the temperature drops.


During the vacuum packaging of screw vacuum pump, it is not only necessary to control the external temperature and asepsis, but also necessary to pay attention to the control of the appropriate gas environment of grain to make it reach the expected fresh-keeping intention. However, no matter what method is adopted by screw vacuum pump, it is necessary to extract the air in the packaging bag, then heat seal it, reduce the oxygen content in the bag below, prevent the growth and development of mold and bacteria, and then arrive at the protection The intention of freshness and quality.

In addition, the screw vacuum pump in the vacuum packaging, under its operating pressure, should discharge the vacuum equipment in the process of all the gas. If the gas contains steam, particles and corrosive gas, it should be considered to install auxiliary equipment, such as condenser, dust remover, etc., on the air inlet pipeline of the pump to extend its service life.

For the vacuum packing machine with different working capacity, the selected vacuum pump is nothing more than the pump speed and the speed of the pumping rate. Objectively speaking, it is not that the stronger the working capacity of the vacuum packing machine is, the better it is. It should also consider the production performance of the machine itself. How large vacuum pump should be selected for each machine is determined by scientific calculation, so we must pay attention to it.

Application fields of screw vacuum pump: pharmaceutical process, chemical process, solvent recovery, medical instruments, biological products, oil and gas recovery, film preparation, biochemical detection and analysis, semiconductor, microelectronics, solar energy, material processing and other related equipment and process.

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