Vacuum pump replacements

Why screw vacuum pump instead of liquid ring vacuum pump

1. High efficiency leads to low cost

This vacuum pump USES about 50% less energy than other vacuum technologies. In a certain range of extraction capacity, is the highest energy efficiency of oil lubrication vacuum pump. Other vacuum technologies with a pumping speed of >300 m3 / h (such as oil-slick rotary vacuum pumps) have become very low cost performance and appear very expensive in terms of capital expenditure.

2. Save energy

Although VSD (variable speed drive) and set point control are not standard configurations for vacuum pumps, they make vacuum pumps more efficient and energy efficient. Set point control allows you to optimize the energy consumption needed to maintain the process vacuum, thereby increasing production efficiency. Provide only the minimum flow that matches the vacuum or pumping speed you need, no waste!

Equipped inlet control valve for adjustment control, and VSD variable speed drive, reduce energy consumption to the minimum

3. Simple and compact, quick installation

Space saving: vacuum pump is one of the smallest equipment on the market, covering no more than the standard pallet; All the necessary parts have been installed in a neat cover; Plug and play.

Create a comfortable and clean work environment

Compared with the existing vacuum pumps on the market, the noise level is very low.

Super oil retention capacity greatly optimizes exhaust emission quality, which is beneficial to the health of operators. At the same time, it also avoids the regular oil injection of the regular vacuum pump, providing you with a clean and healthy working environment.

Energy recovery reduces hot air in the workplace and prevents hot air from affecting the air-conditioning system.

5. Reliable and stable operation, low maintenance cost

The design makes maintenance easier and significantly reduces maintenance requirements: a rotateless structure, so that rotating-chip chatter and wear do not occur, and the mean service clearance time (MTBM) is long. You can also easily understand the vacuum pump performance and maintenance plan.

We can offer three types of smart, smart and smart services, you can order different services according to your needs. In order to reasonably arrange the maintenance plan, intervene in advance and eliminate abnormal factors, and adjust parameters according to energy consumption analysis to optimize energy consumption management.

6. Durable components high efficiency twin screw structure designed for vacuum system, excellent performance, head life is far longer than screw air compressor and vane vacuum pump.

The specially designed oil and gas separator enables the oil to be completely separated from the gas and highly efficient circulation under the condition of low back pressure. The low back pressure means the reduction of energy consumption, and the service life of the oil and gas separator is twice that of the oil-lubricated rotary vacuum pump.

It also USES a patented design that prevents the filter medium from overworking, so the separator will last longer. Extend the service life of oil and gas separator, help you save maintenance budget.

7. Cold and hot isolation design outer cover

The outer cover of the product adopts sealed cold and hot isolation design, which separates all heating sources and high temperature components (motor, oil separator, vacuum pump host) from other components. For electronic components, low temperature operation means higher reliability, longer service life of electronic components, and reduced service frequency.

The fan system is atlas copco’s latest design, silent and efficient.

8. Optimal flexibility unique water treatment capacity can be flexible to meet a variety of user needs. Electrically controlled air valves and temperature control systems help to better adapt to specific process requirements.

9. Multiple configurations to meet your application requirements

Standard: this model is designed to meet your operating requirements at the lowest possible life cycle cost, and is ideal for applications that require a specific vacuum (set point).

Moisture-proof type: suitable for more humid industrial applications, such as plastic, clay molding, pipe drying, salad cooling, freeze drying applications. This configuration is equipped with a higher and more sophisticated temperature control system, dedicated control units and synthetic lubricants.

Turbocharged type: this fast vacuum type speeds up the process tempo and increases productivity. Ideal for meat, cheese and chicken packaging, cooling, freeze drying and general industrial vacuuming applications

Vacuum pump replacements

Vacuum pump replacements


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