Roots – Piston Vacuum Pump Package Used In Fruit freeze dryer

Customer Region: Europe

Purchased Model: 1Sets EVP JZJP2H70-5 Roots – Piston Vacuum Package

Application: used in 80-100kg fruit freeze dryer

Client needs working pressure: ≤10pa and chamber size is 1m3.

Need vacuum package to dry 80-100kg of fruit, most work at 10Pa, a few reach 0.1Pa, the higher the vacuum the better

Existing pump: 2Sets Yoivac / Leybold Brand ORV40 direct drive rotary vane vacuum pumps

EVP Solution: ZJP-70 Roots Pump + 2H-15 Piston pump +2H-15 (hold pump) with PLC Auto-control cabinet: Ultimate Vacuum: 0.5Pa, Max. Pumping speed: 70L/s , Working Power: 5.5kw

EVP EVP JZJP2H70-5 Vacuum pump Shipment Pictures as follow:

Roots - Piston Vacuum Pump Package Used In Fruit freeze dryer

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