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EVP is one of the world‘s largest manufacturers of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors.Bush line provides the largest number of industrial vacuum pumps and blowers in the world today.

We offer more than 50 years of experience and expertise in vacuum system manufacturing, and can provide customized solutions for a variety of vacuum applications. Products with a variety of options and advanced design features, so that customers can obtain the most appropriate, the most cost-effective solution.

Popular EVP vacuum pumps:

oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump

These pumps are industry standards for their robustness and operational reliability in demanding industrial applications.Safe and economical rotating vane vacuum pump is famous for its modern energy-saving vacuum pump.The rotary vane technology uses a technically simple vacuum pump construction. Lubricated by circulating oil, well matched with materials and state-of-the-art precision manufacturing, it provides a consistently high vacuum level during continuous operation.The standard oil separator ensures clean and oil-free exhaust due to its sophisticated extractor system with an integrated oil return.When equipped with an optional air ballast valve, even a large amount of steam can be processed.

Next, we will introduce EVP Rotary vane vacuum pump, which can completely replace EVP vacuum pump.

Rotary vane vacuum pump product description

Operational robustness and reliability are outstanding features of rotary vane vacuum pumps.These are some of the reasons why mature EVP technology has long been established as an industry standard.

Reliable operation, economical and efficient rotating blade technology is continuously developed and optimized, always focusing on economy and operational reliability.High efficiency and high efficiency driving device is the positive result of this development.

Application for this

Rotary vane vacuum pump is characterized by high pumping speed even in the low pressure range, so the discharge time is fast.Durable rotor blade to ensure long life and specially designed exhaust filter to provide excellent oil separation.

Operation friendly

Operators can easily maintain.No further maintenance is required except regular replacement of oil and filters.
Rotary vane vacuum pumps are known throughout the industry for their modern and energy-efficient vacuum generation, in a wide range of applications.

Includes more models than described here. Specialized types can be used for certain applications, such as pumping very moist gases and vapors, or discharging oxygen or explosive gases.

Technical specifications

The rotary vane technology enables a technically simple structure of the vacuum pumps.The consistently high vacuum level in continuous operation is guaranteed through circulating oil lubrication, perfectly coordinated materials and state-of-the-art and precise manufacturing. The standard oil separator adopts advanced oil drainage system and integrated oil return device to ensure clean and oil-free exhaust.When air ballast valves are installed, they can even handle large amounts of steam (optional).When the vacuum pump is closed, the one-way valve in the inlet flange prevents air from flowing back to the vacuum chamber.The pump is driven by a standard motor mounted on a direct flange, and the efficiency level is IE2.

Attachments/technical options

• gas ballast valve
• various inlet filters
• filter pressure gauge
• oil level switch
• vacuum regulator
• vacuum pump oil for all applications

Product pictures

Busch Pump Equivalents

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